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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When will the next agenda for [agency] be available on your site?

Agendas are posted as soon as they are available from the corrensponding agency. If you require an earlier distribution of the agenda, we would advise establishing direct contact with the agency.

How long after a meeting is an archive available for viewing?

Typically, most meetings will be available in some capacity as soon as they can be uploaded to our distribution servers which happens usually within 2 hours from the end of the meeting..

In some cases, post production on a meeting archive will be necessary, and up to a three day waiting period can be observed.

Computer Users

How do I download a copy of an archived video ( or audio ) file to my own computer?

Once they are available, copies of archived video files are available for download by following these directions:

  • Browse to the archive list for the agency, for whom you are trying to download a meeting, on the left-hand side of the page.
  • To download video, click on the disc icon on the right hand side of the Video column in the list of meetings.
  • To download audio, click on the disc icon under the Audio column.

Windows Users

The archive page loads, but I cannot see the video player

If an archive page for a particular meeting does not display a media player applet in the left-hand frame of the page, it is possible that the browser you are using does not have a Windows Media Player, or in some cases a Flash plugin. Depending on your browser, you can use one of the following links to download the appropriate plugin.

The archive page loads, and the video applet loads, but my video doesn't play

If an archive page loads and you are able to click the 'play' button in the video applet, and video playback does not automatically begin, there may be a problem with the video you are trying to view.

In some cases you may have to click the KPI ( Key Point Indexing ) button next to an agenda item to start playback, but if neither this or pressing the actual play button starts video playback, please contact AGP Video at 805-772-2715 or with the agency name and specific meeting you are trying to view.

I clicked a KPI link and the video didn't advance

In the event that a KPI ( Key Point Indexing ) link doesn't advance your video to the segment intended, it would be advisable to ensure first that you have the latest version of Java installed, and that it is enabled in your browser.

For information on enabling Java in your browser, please visit the this link: Java Instructions

If after ensuring that Java is working on your computer, you still encounter problems using the KPI system, it is possible that we are still indexing the meeting, or that there is a problem with the meeting.

I have the Windows Media Player plugin, but my browser still doesn't play back the archive video

In the event that you have installed all necessary software and are still unable to view a video that is on our servers, a configuration problem may exist on your computer.

If this is the case, we recommend utilizing an alternative means of playback, as some browsers are simply unable to play back in our standard format, and determining a configuration issue would be a case-by-case analysis.

The recommended solution is to utilize Microsoft Silverlight to play back your video. If you do not have a current version of Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer, it can be downloaded here.

Any of our standard archive pages will contain a separate link beneath where video is intended to play back, that will redirect you to the Silverlight enabled version of the archive page.

Mac Users

I can't view any archives through the website

In our current delivery format, Macintosh users will be unable to view archives without installation of Microsoft Silverlight. Once it has been downloaded and installed, all archives and streams should be viewable through the supplemental Silverlight page; accessible through all of our video-enabled pages.

Smart Phone Users

i Phone Users

I can't view any archives through the website

In our current delivery format, we are unable to deliver video to native iPhone platforms. To achieve playback on an iPhone, a third party application is currently required. We recommend GoodPlayer.

Android Users

I can't view any archives through the website

In our current delivery format, we are unable to deliver video to native Android platforms. To achieve playback on an Android, a third party application is currently required. We recommend vPlayer or Daroon.

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