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Viewing Requirements

We currently deliver video content in two forms - MP4 for compliance with the latest HTML5 systems, and WMV, our original format.

Most browsers, including latest versions of Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, as well as Android and iPhones will play MP4 videos just fine. For live streaming on slightly older systems the latest version of Adobe Flash may be required.

WMV playback requires a current version of Windows Media Player, or Microsoft Silverlight.

You may find the plugins below helpful.

Windows Users Download Windows Media Player
Chrome Users Download the Media Player Chrome Plugin
Firefox Users Download the Media Player Firefox Plugin
MAC Users Download Microsoft Silverlight
Adobe Flash Download Adobe Flash

If you can't find a specific meeting, cannot view a video, or are having issues with key point indexing (finding a place in a video). Let us know. We'll be glad to help! DVDs are also available. Please contact us at:

AGP Video
Phone: (805) 772-2715