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MLPA and Fish & Game Joint Meeting




California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative

Blue Ribbon Task Force and

California Fish and Game Commission

Draft Joint Meeting Agenda

(prepared September 4, 2007)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1:00 p.m.


Aviation Library and Museum *

International Terminal

San Francisco International Airport



Members of the public are invited to view or listen to the meeting via simultaneous webcasting on the Internet.  Please visit the MLPA website at or call the MLPA offices at 916.654.1885 for more information.


Public participation:  The public will be invited to offer comments on agenda items.  Speaker cards will be requested and may be found at the back of the meeting room.



Meeting Objectives


Meeting Agenda



Welcome and Introductions


Informational Items



Water Quality

Discussion of the authorities regulating ocean water quality

as related to marine protected areas

Public Comment



California MLPA Master Plan for Marine Protected Areas

MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force comments on the draft master plan

Public Comment



Marine Life Protection Act

Update on the MLPA North Central Coast Project

Public Comment



* This facility is accessible to persons with disabilities.

To request reasonable accommodations for a disability,

please contact California Relay Service

(at least two days prior to the meeting) at 800.735.2929 (TT) or

800.735.2922 (voice) and ask them to contact

the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative at 916.653.5656.