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Meeting of the California Water Commission

 State of California, Resources Building, 1416 Ninth Street, First Floor AuditoriumSacramentoCA95814

1.Call to Order
2.Roll Call
4.Executive Officer’s Report
The Executive Officer will report on various matters addressed since the previous Commission meeting.
5.Commission Member Reports
An opportunity for members to disclose any meetings or conversations related to Commission business since the previous Commission meeting.
6.Public Testimony
Although no formal Commission action will be taken, this is an opportunity for interested members of the public to address the Commission regarding items of interest that are within the Commission’s jurisdiction, but that do not specifically appear on the agenda.
7.Briefing on California EcoRestore by California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) Director of Ecosystem Restoration David Okita
CNRA Director of Ecosystem Restoration David Okita will provide an informational update on the California EcoRestore Program pursuant to California Water Code §161, which gives the Commission the authority to confer with, advise, and make recommendations to DWR regarding any matters and subjects in its jurisdiction.
8.Briefing on Yolo Bypass and Wallace Weir Projects by California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) Special Assistant for Water Policy Kris Tjernell
CNRA Special Assistant for Water Policy Kris Tjernell will brief the Commission on the Yolo Bypass Habitat Restoration and Fish Passage Project and the Wallace Weir Modification Project. Both projects are part of the California EcoRestore Program.  This item will be heard pursuant to California Water Code §161, which gives the Commission the authority to confer with, advise, and make recommendations to DWR regarding any matters and subjects in its jurisdiction.
9.Briefing on California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (Ibank) Funding Programs for Infrastructure Projects
IBank staff will provide an informational update on the financing programs for infrastructure and clean energy.  This is an informational item to make the Commission and potential Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) applicants aware of State programs that may be complementary to the WSIP. 
10.Update on Program and Administrative Activities for the Water Storage Investment Program  (WSIP)  and Briefing on Revised Draft WSIP Quantification Regulations and Commission Direction
Commission staff will present a revised draft of the WSIP Quantification Regulations.
11.Action Item: Designation of an Acting Executive Officer
The Commission may vote to appoint an Acting Executive Officer effective beginning July 1, 2016 and continuing until such time as the Commission hires a permanent Executive Officer under Water Code §163 or designates another person to be Acting Executive Officer.
12.Closed Session
The Commission may hold a closed session, as authorized by Government Code §11126(e), to confer with, and receive advice from, its legal counsel regarding potential litigation, and as authorized by Government Code §11126(a).
13.Consideration of Items for the Next California Water Commission Meeting

*The Commission will break for lunch as needed.*