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Science Advisory Team


Marine Life Protection Act
SAT Multi Day
5/5/2009 9:30 AM   
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Agenda Packet

1.  Roll Call

Meeting Objectives

Meeting Agenda

Welcome, Introductions and Review of Agenda

I.  Updates

 A. 1533 : Update on the Revised Evaluation Methods Document

 B. 1551 : Briefing on Requests Made at BRTF Meeting

II.  MPA Design Guidelines and Evaluation Methods for the MLPA South Coast Study Region

 C. 1539 : Review and Discuss Birds & Mammals Eval Methods

                     Motion and  Vote

                     Public Comment

 D. 1534 : Review and Discuss the Revised Habitat Data Layers

                Public Comment

                     Motion and Vote                                      

 E. 1538 : Review and Discuss Water Quality Eval Methods

                Motion  Vote

                     Public Comment

 F. 1536 : Update from the Modeling Work Group

 G. 1540 : Levels of Protection 

         1566 : Lunch

 1567 : Public Comment

III. Habitat Restoration Activities and Artificial Structures in the MLPA South Coast Study Region

 H. 1542 : Wetland Restoration Activities in the SCSR

                Motion  Vote

                      Public Comment

 I. 1543 : Information on Artificial Reefs in the SCSR

                Motion Vote

                     Public Comment


IV. BRTF Request for Scientific Information and Guidance

                J. 1535 : Military Use Areas in the MLPA SCSR

                       1568 : Break

 K. 1544 : Fisheries Management and the MLPA

                Motion and  Vote

                     Public Comment

V. Newly Proposed Concepts for MPA Design Guidelines

 L. 1537 : Spacing Guidelines in the MLPA SCSR

 M. 1541 : Designing MPA Networks for Adaptive Management

                Motion and  Vote

                Public Comment

                General Public Comments

          Wrap Up and Next Steps