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April 12, 2018

Contact: Brianna Shoemaker


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Upcoming Public Meetings with Applicants for Water Storage Funding

SACRAMENTO –On April 24 and 25, 2018, California Water Commission staff and technical review team members will meet with Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) applicants to discuss updated technical reviews and staff-recommended Public Benefit Ratios (PBRs). The reviews and staff-recommended PBRs will be posted on the Commission’s website on April 20.

Following is additional information regarding the meeting format, webcast link and remote participation options for the facilitated meetings, which will take place at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria, 828 I Street, Sacramento.

Each WSIP applicant has been scheduled for an individual meeting of up to 90 minutes with the following format:

Agenda Review and Ground Rules—Facilitator (5 minutes)

PBR Overview and Key Issues—Commission staff (5-10 minutes)

Question and Answer Session with Reviewers – (up to 70 minutes)

Review of CWC May 1-3 Meeting Process—Commission staff (5 minutes)

*Please note: Questions from applicants will be given initial priority, followed by questions from the public.

The meetings will be facilitated to help focus the discussion on those issues relevant to the technical review of the PBRs. Questions and comments about other aspects of proposed projects for WSIP funding will not be entertained during this meeting. The Commission will consider the staff-recommended PBRs at its May 1-3 meeting and make the final determination of each project’s PBR. The Commission will schedule additional public meetings in June to address the other component scores of the WSIP technical review process.

Webcast and Remote Participation Instructions

The meetings will be webcast live at:

The public is welcome to attend and participate. Anyone attending remotely may email questions during the meeting to

See Page 2 for the Meeting Schedule

California Water Commission

April 12, 2018—Additional Information for Applicant Meetings April 24-25, 2018 Page 2

Meeting Schedule


Tuesday, April 24

9:00-10:30 am

South Sacramento County Agriculture & Habitat Lands Recycled Water,


Groundwater Storage, and Conjunctive Use Program

10:40-12:10 pm

Willow Springs Water Bank Conjunctive Use Project

12:10-12:40 pm


12:40-2:10 pm

Chino Basin Conjunctive Use Environmental Water Storage/Exchange



2:20-3:50 pm

Pure Water San Diego Program North City Phase 1

4:00-5:30 pm

Sites Project


Wednesday, April 25

9:00-10:30 am

Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project

10:40-12:10 pm

Kern Fan Groundwater Storage Project

12:10-12:40 pm


12:40-2:10 pm

Temperance Flat Reservoir Project

2:20-3:50 pm

Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project

4:00-5:30 pm

Tulare Lake Storage and Floodwater Protection Project

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