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50th Anniversary Technology Symposium and Showcase

May 17th, 2018




The UC Riverside College of Engineering--Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) is hosting the California Air Resources Board (CARB) 50th Anniversary Technology Symposium and Showcase to highlight achievements that have resulted in California’s leadership in air quality and climate change and discuss how we can continue the course to achieve a truly sustainable California. Panels will focus on lessons learned from the past and how to position ourselves in a rapidly changing landscape; the critical role of independent research; and leveraging emerging technologies to achieve our vision. The technical showcase will display technologies of our past, present, and future, including an interactive virtual reality experience of the new Riverside CARB facility.  


10:30 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks

         Matt Barth,  UCR CE-CERT Director

         Richard Corey,  CARB Executive Officer

         Wayne Nastri, SCAQMD Executive Officer


10:45 AM Panel 1:  Cleaning up the Air–Technology & Policy Game Changers

         Margo Oge, former EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality Director

         John Wall, former Cummins Chief Technology Officer

Host:  Barry Wallerstein, UCR Senior Policy Fellow, former SCAQMD Executive Officer


11:30 AM Panel 2: The Role of Research- Major Game Changers

         History of UCR’s Statewide Air Pollution Research Center (SAPRC) - Barbara-Finlayson-Pitts, Professor and Director AirUCI Institute, UC-Irvine

         Linking Air Pollution and Health Effects – Michael Kleinman, UC-Irvine Professor, Department of Medicine

         Importance of collaboration between industry, regulatory and academic worlds Robert Sawyer, former Chairman, CARB

         How research results translate into policy & real world impact - Alan Lloyd, former Chairman, CARB

         Climate Change Beginnings  - Charles Kennel, Professor Emeritus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Moderator: Ron Loveridge, UCR Professor of Public Policy



12:30 PM Buffet Lunch

1:00 Lunch Keynote Events

         California’s Air Quality and Climate Change Future – Mary D. Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board

Introduction: Barbara Riordan, CARB Board Member

Interviewer:  Drew Story, UCR Environmental Engineering and Policy Ph.D. student The Role of the Media in the Development, Acceptance and Uptake of Innovative Technology - Michael Hiltzik, Business Columnist, Los Angeles Times

Introduction: Mary D. Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board


1:45 PM  Panel 3: To the Finish Line – Predicting Upcoming Game Changers

         Smart Cities: Clean Electric Transportation Lauren Faber, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles

         Role of the Community Scientist –AB617 role out - Luis Olmedo, Executive Director, Comite Civico Del Valle

         New Approaches to Goods Movement - Jonathan Rosenthal, CEO, Saybrook Management

         Future Mobility and New Methods of Vehicle Testing - Matt Barth, UC Riverside

Moderator: Janea Scott, Commissioner, California Energy Commission


2:45 PM Wrap-up, Commentary 

         Reflections on Symposium- Sandy Berg, Vice Chair, California Air Resources Board

         Closing Remarks-  Mary  D. Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board


3:00 PM Technology Showcase Kickoff

         Matt Barth,  UCR CE-CERT Director

         Kai Voigt, Executive Vice President Innovations and Technology, AVL

3:10 PM Technology Showcase & Sponsored Social Hour

The technical showcase will display technologies of our past, present, and future, including:

         Zero-Emission Battery Electric Transit Buses, Motorcoaches, Class 8 Trucks, Tractors, & Monorail

         Fuel Cell Technology

         Advanced Batteries

         Vehicle Automation Technologies, Advanced Chassis Designs

         Vehicle Emission Research Laboratories

         Student Renewable Energy & Vehicle Demonstration Projects

         Renewable Energy Management Programs

         Solar Hot Water Heater Systems

         Air Quality Monitoring Systems

         Data Portal and Big Data-Smart and Connected Programs

         Virtual interactive model of the new Riverside CARB facility and testing cells

         And much, much more!