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Diablo Canyon Decommissioning Engagement Panel Meeting 

  • Date/Time:3-13-19 / 6:00 PM – 10:00 PMFacilitator:Chuck Anders
    Meeting Location:1055 Monterey Street, SLO;
    County Government Offices
    Recorder:Brandy Lopez
    TV Broadcast:Channel 21 (Charter)
    Purpose:Review information received at the spent fuel storage workshops for the public and receive additional public input on concerns and suggestions regarding spent fuel storage.
    Desired Outcomes:By the end of today’s meeting, the panel will: 
    Review information and observations from the spent fuel workshops;
    • Receive information from the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee on their possible role to support the DCDEP;
    • Review public outreach metrics;
    • Receive and discuss public comment;
    • Review the 2019 Panel meeting schedule and associated decommissioning topics; and
    • Record actions and evaluate the meeting.
    • Gather information to prepare recommendations to PG&E on spent fuel and Greater Than Class C (GTCC) management.
    Item #What – Content
    Action PathWhoStart Time
    1.Open house poster session with Q&A (25 min)
    • Inform
    • Discuss
    • Record comments
    All6:00 PM (25)
    2.Break All6:25 PM (5)
    3. Panel Meeting Start All6:30 PM
    4. Safety Minute (911, AED, CPR)
    • Concensus
    PG&E6:30 PM (2)
    5. PG&E welcome and update on status of DCDEP Vision Report filing with the CPUC
    • Present
    Jones6:32 PM (5)
    6. Jim Welsch Introduction
    • Present
    Welsch6:37 PM (5)
    7. Review meeting agenda, introduce meeting topic, and review desired outcomes (Public comment window closes at 8:10 PM)
    • Present
    6:42 PM (3)
    8. Report from Dr. Robert Budnitz regarding DCISC activities and spent fuel storage
    • Present
    • Discussion
    Budnitz6:45 PM (45)
    7:30 PM (15)
    9. Overview of PG&E Spent Fuel Storage Strategy and Schedule
    • Present
    Jones/Mayer7:45 PM (20)
    10. Panel discussion of Spent Fuel Workshops
    • Present
    • Discussion
    8:05 PM (5)
    8:10 PM (25)
    11.Break  8:35 PM (10)
    12. Review public comments and metrics
    • Present
    Anders8:45 PM (5)
    13. Public comment
    • Present
    • Record
    All8:50 PM (45)
    14. Panel observations, discussion, and path forward
    • Discussion
    Panel9:35 PM (15)
    15. Introduction to next meeting topic: Panel Structure
    • Present
    Anders9:50 PM (5)
    16.Meeting Summary and (+/Δ)
    • Discuss
    • Record
    Anders9:55 PM (5)
    17. Adjourn Meeting*
    • Action
    Anders10:00 PM
    * PG&E staff will remain on-premises after the meeting to answer additional questions