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California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102



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November 16, 2006
9:00 a.m.


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 Report to the Board on a Health Update: Cancer Risk from Air Pollutants in a Population of Inner-City Teenagers
  The investigators collected personal, indoor home and outdoor home samples of air pollutants from 86 teenagers and calculated their cancer risk from the personal concentration measurements. The cumulative cancer risk from personal exposure was greater than the risks from ambient exposures. The results are due in part to indoor home sources, which accounted for greater than 40% of the risk for compounds that were the major contributors of personal risk. These include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and chloroform.


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 Public Hearing to Consider 8 Research Proposals
  "Investigation of the Role Lubricating Oil on Particulate Matter Emissions from Vehicles," Southwest Research Institute, $832,000, ARB co-funding will be $100,000,
Proposal No. 2616-253.

"Analysis of Satellite Measurements to Improve California's Models for O3 and PM," University of California, Berkeley, $350,724, Proposal No. 2618 253.

"Flux Measurements of Biogenic Precursors to Ozone and Particulate Matter in the Central Valley," University of California, Berkeley, $400,003, Proposal No. 2612-253.

"Development of the UCB-L Particle Monitor for California Applications in Environmental Justice," University of California, Berkeley, $213,088, Proposal No. 2613-253.

"Development of Updated ARB Solvent Cleaning Emissions Inventory," University of California, Riverside, $199,342, Proposal No. 2619-253.

"Lifecycle Analysis of the Climate-Change Reduction Strategies of the California Air Resources Board," University of California, Davis, $199,561.29, Proposal No. 2614-253.

"Impact of Climate Change on the Frequency and Intensity of Low-level Temperature Inversions in California," University of California, San Diego, $249,989,
Proposal No. 2615-253.

"Deployment of a Novel Aerosol Mobility/Mass Spectrometer for Quantitative Chemical Analysis of Organic Aerosols from Mobile Sources," University of Southern California, $238,383, Proposal No. 2620 253.


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 Public Meeting to Update the Board on the ARB Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement in California
  Staff will provide an update on progress made in implementing the Emission Reduction Plan for Ports and Goods Movement in California (Plan), including: rulemakings and other activities to reduce emissions, public outreach, additional risk assessments, and the status of funding mechanisms. The update will also describe staff's actions to revise the relationship used in the Plan and ARB's diesel rulemakings to estimate the contribution of fine particulate matter pollution to premature death, based on additional health analyses and scientific peer review.
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 Public Hearing to Consider the Proposed Amendments to the Airborne Toxic Control Measure Amendments Limiting Onboard Incineration on Cruise Ships and Oceangoing Ships
  The purpose of this control measure is to reduce emissions of toxic air contaminants from the use of incinerators aboard cruise ships and oceangoing ships. Specifically, this regulation prohibits cruise ships and oceangoing ships from conducting onboard incineration while operating within three miles of the California coast. This control measure is expected to reduce exposure to toxic air contaminants for residents living near ports and along the California coast.
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 Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Amendments to the Stationary Diesel Engine Control Measure
  ARB staff is proposing emission performance standards for in-use stationary diesel agricultural engines. These emission standards may be met by a variety of compliance options, including electrification and replacement with new engines. The proposed amendments also include provisions for local air district agricultural engine registration programs. The proposed amendments are expected to reduce diesel PM and other air pollutant emissions, exposure, and health risk across California.
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 Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Amendments to the AB 2588 Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Emission Inventory Criteria and Guidelines Regulation
  The Guidelines Regulation provides guidelines for reporting emissions from facilities subject to the Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Information and Assessment Act of 1987. Proposed amendments will streamline the requirements for facilities with only diesel engines.
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 Public Hearing to Consider Proposed Amendments to the Area Designations for State Ambient Air Quality Standards
  Based on a review of air quality data for 2003-2005, staff is proposing several changes to the State area designations for carbon monoxide, ozone, PM10, and PM2.5.
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