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Meeting of the Senate Bill 375

Regional Targets Advisory Committee

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Pacific Time

Metro Building Board Room, Third Floor

One Gateway Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90012

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1.  Roll Call and Housekeeping Items

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Announcements, review meeting notes from the last meeting and comments received

via the Committee website.

2. Continuation of Discussion on Preliminary Draft Frameworks

This is a continuation of committee discussions on July 22nd, which focused on

potential concepts for target setting, including potential concepts submitted by RTAC

members Barry Wallerstein and Jerry Walters, as well as ARB staff’s preliminary draft

framework. Public comment to follow committee discussion.

3.  Resolution of Discussions on Remaining Policy Issues

 Motion and  Vote

This is a continuation of committee discussions on June 22nd, which focused on 7 key

items identified by the committee related to methods for evaluating the full potential for

regional greenhouse gas reductions. Public comment to follow committee discussion.

4. Drafting of the Recommendation Document Structure

The committee will work to develop a high level outline of its recommendations to

ARB on the factors to be considered and methodologies to be used in target setting

under SB 375.

5.  General Public Comment Period

6. Next Steps

7. Adjourn