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Meeting of the

Economic and Allocation Advisory Committee

Date and Time

Thursday, August 13, 2009

9:30 a.m. (Pacific Time)


The Bentley Hotel

San Francisco, CA

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 Welcome and Opening Remarks

 a.    Plans and timing (Larry Goulder, Rick Frank) 

 b.    AB 32 implementation progress (ARB staff—Kevin Kennedy?) 

1)    Analysis of Options for Allowance Allocation and Revenue Use

 a.    Relevant criteria (Goulder) 

 b.    Allocation Subcommittee presentation (Dallas Burtraw) 

 c.    Revenue Use Subcommittee presentation (Matthew Barger) 

 d.    Legal Issues Subcommittee presentation (Joe Nation) 

e.    Break 

 f.     Discussion 

 g.    Public Comment 


 2)    Economic Analysis of AB 32 Impacts

 a.    Summary of ARB’s efforts to date (Matt Zaragoza) 

 b.    Economic Analysis Subcommittee presentation (Jim Sweeney) 

 c.    Discussion 

 d.    Public Comment