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California Dairy and Livestock Greenhouse Gas Reduction Working Group

Date: December 3, 2018 Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Location: Sonoma County Farm Bureau

3589 Westwind Boulevard

Santa Rosa, California 95403


1. Welcome and Opening Remarks (10 minutes)

2. Overview of California Dairy Industry (5 minutes)

3.  Agency Updates on Senate Bill 1383 Mandates and Related Policies (20 minutes)

 California Air Resources Board

 California Department of Food and Agriculture

 California Energy Commission

 California Public Utilities Commission

4. Subgroup Recommendations & Discussion

a.  Fostering Markets for Non-Digester Projects (Subgroup #1) (25 minutes)

(Co-chairs: Ryan Flaherty, Sustainable Conservation; J.P. Cativiela, Dairy Cares)

Co-chairs’ presentation

Member comments

Working Group Q&A

b. Fostering Markets for Digester Projects (Subgroup #2) (25 minutes) (Co-chairs: Michael Boccadoro, West Coast Advisors; Ryan Schuchard, CALSTART; Jim Lucas, Southern California Gas Company)

Co-chairs’ presentation

Member comments

Working Group Q&A

c. Research Needs, Including Enteric Fermentation (Subgroup #3) (25 minutes) (Co-chairs: Robert Parkhurst, Environmental Defense Fund; Paul Sousa, Western United Dairymen; Michael FitzGibbon, California Air Resources Board)

Co-chairs’ presentation

Member comments

Working Group Q&A

5. Public Comments (15 minutes)

6. Working Group Discussion (20 minutes)

7. Closing Remarks (10 minutes)



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