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This has been updated at 1 p.m., Friday, March 16, 2007.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2007




3. FEDERAL CONSISTENCY REPORT.  Report by the Division Supervisor on Negative Determinations issued by the federal consistency staff, and status report on other major non-energy federal consistency matters. (MPD-SF)

a. CD-072-06 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties). Consistency determination by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to designate approximately 138 square nautical miles of marine reserves and 1.7 square nautical miles of marine conservation areas within federal waters of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (DLL-SF). [APPROVED]


a. Consistency Determination CD-083-05 (U.S. Forest Service, Monterey County). Review plans submitted by the U.S. Forest Service to comply with special conditions of CD-083-05, conditionally concurred in February 2006 to authorize special use activities including preparation of interim parking and public access plan to be completed prior to December 31, 2006, and implemented by Memorial Day 2007, at the Brazil Ranch, south of Bixby Creek in Big Sur, Monterey County. (MPD-SF) [POSTPONED]


5. DEPUTY DIRECTOR’S REPORT.  Report by Deputy Director on permit waivers, emergency permits, immaterial amendments & extensions, LCP matters not requiring public hearings, and on comments from the public.  For specific information contact the Commission’s Eureka office at (707) 445-7833.

6. CONSENT CALENDAR (removed from Regular Calendar).  See AGENDA CATEGORIES.


a. Appeal No. A-1-HUM-07-7 (Mamer, Humboldt Co.)  Appeal by Kevin Rardin from decision of County of Humboldt granting permit with conditions to Brad Mamer for Coastal Development Permit to construct pre-manufactured 2,428 sq.ft., 30 ft-tall single-family residence and detached 1,000 sq.ft., 15-ft. high garage on vacant half-acre lot served by water and sewer provided from McKinleyville Community Services District, at 2805 Fortune Street, McKinleyville, Humboldt County. (MBK-E) [NO SUBSTANTIAL ISSUE FOUND]

8. COASTAL PERMIT APPLICATIONS.  See AGENDA CATEGORIES.  Attention:  Items appearing in this section of the agenda may be moved to the Consent Calendar for this area by the Executive Director when, prior to taking up the Consent Calendar, staff and the applicant are in agreement on the staff recommendation.  If an item is moved to the Consent Calendar it will be processed in the same manner as other Consent Calendar items (See AGENDA CATEGORIES) except that if that item is subsequently removed from the Consent Calendar by a vote of three or more commissioners, the item will be acted upon at the meeting in the order in which it originally appears on this Meeting Notice and in the manner Coastal Permit Applications are processed.  The purpose of this procedural change is to expedite the Commission's coastal development permit process.

a. Appeal No. A-1-MEN-06-47 (Elliott, Lloyd & Shalley, Mendocino Co.)  Appeals by Rixanne Wehren and Commissioners Reilly & Shallenberger from decision of County of Mendocino granting permit with conditions to Robert L. & Sharon S. Elliott; Kathleen Elliott-Lloyd; Irene Elliott; & Lynn & Donna Shalley to construct 2,761+ sq.ft., 2-story single-family home with maximum average height of 24-ft., from natural grade, with attached 790 sq.ft., garage, retaining wall, driveway, septic system, and underground utilities; convert existing test well to production well; and grading approximately 30 cu. yds., at 33800 Albion Ridge Road, Albion, Mendocino County. (TST-E) [POSTPONED]

b. Application No. 1-07-2 (City of Crescent City)  Application of City of Crescent City for re-construction of portion of Crescent City Wastewater Treatment Plant, at 210 Battery Street & 195 B Street, Crescent City, Del Norte County. (JB-E) [POSTPONED]

c. Appeal No. A-1-EUR-06-28 (Eureka Pacific, L.L.C., Eureka) Appeal by Commissioners Caldwell & Wan from decision of City of Eureka granting permit with conditions to Eureka Pacific, L.L.C., to construct approximately 43,390-square-feet of retail commercial sales & service structural and outdoor storage area improvements on two boundary-adjusted parcels comprising a combined area of approximately 3.0 acres situated between Highway 101 and Maurer Marsh, at 2616 Broadway, Eureka, Humboldt County. (JB-E) [Permit APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS]


a. County of Del Norte LCP Amendment No. DNC-MAJ-2-6  (Hogberg RR1/2, RRA-2:MFH to RR1/1, RRA-1:MFH).  Denial of request by County of Del Norte to amend its certified Local Coastal Program to re-designate the land use and zoning designations of a 10-acre area comprising seven parcels ranging in size from one to three acres from rural Residential -- One Dwelling Unit per Two Acres (RR 1/2) to Rural Residential -- One Dwelling Unit per One Acre (RR 1/1/) and from Medium Density Rural Residential-Agriculture - One Unit Per Two Acres Density with Manufactured Housing Combining Zone (RRA-2-MFH) to High Density Rural Residential-Agriculture -- One Unit Per Two Acres Density with Manufactured Housing Combining Zone (RRA-1-MFH), respectively, situated between Dundas Road and Tsunami Lane, south of Elk View Road, approximately one mile northeast of Crescent City, Del Norte County. (JB-E) [Findings APPROVED]


a. Permit No. A-1-FTB-05-53-A2 (Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Mendocino Co.) Request by Georgia-Pacific Corporation for modification of permit granted for removal of building foundations with interim remediation of contamination and removal of debris to revise special conditions regarding monitoring for marine mammals during work on site bluffs, and additional survey and monitoring requirement to protect cultural resources in work areas, at 90 West Redwood Avenue (former Georgia-Pacific California wood Products Manufacturing Facility), Fort Bragg, Mendocino County. (JB-E) [APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS - moved to Consent Calendar]

Future Meetings:  The next meetings of the Coastal Commission will be April 10-13 in Santa Barbara, May 9-11 in San Pedro, June 13-15 in Santa Rosa.

See future agenda items (these are items submitted to the Coastal Commission and could be scheduled on future meeting agendas).