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April 2010 Agenda

Ventura County
Board of Supervisors Chambers
800 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009
(805) 451-6053

The phone number will only be in service during the meeting.

This has been posted at 12:30 p.m., Monday, April 12, 2010.

9:00 a.m.

FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 2010



3.  GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT.  Public comments will be heard at 9 a.m. for no more than 30 minutes.  For attendees who are unable to attend the early comment period, there will be a second comment period prior to or after the lunch break.  Agenda items will begin or resume after public comment.



 Motion and Vote

a. Application No. 5-10-37 (Alberts, Venice)  Application of Mr. Bruce D. Alberts to construct 3-level, 33-ft. high (with 40-ft. high elevator housing), 5,234 sq.ft. duplex with attached 4-car garage on 3,240 sq.ft. beach-fronting lot, at 2611 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County. (CP-LB)


5.  DEPUTY DIRECTOR'S REPORT. Report by Deputy Director on permit waivers, emergency permits, immaterial amendments & extensions, LCP matters not requiring public hearings, and on comments from the public.  For specific information contact the Commission's Long Beach office at (562) 590-5071.

6.  CONSENT CALENDAR (removed from Regular Calendar).  See AGENDA CATEGORIES.

 Motion and Vote


a.  Appeal No. A-5-MNB-10-54 (City Of Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach)  Appeal by William Victor from decision of City of Manhattan Beach granting permit with conditions to City Of Manhattan Beach for Downtown Coastal Zone Parking Management Program, which includes parking meter rates of $1.25 per hour, parking time limits, parking permit system and new parking meters on 12th Street west of Manhattan Avenue, at Downtown Coastal Zone, Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County. (CP-LB).
 Motion and Vote

8. COASTAL PERMIT APPLICATIONS.  See AGENDA CATEGORIESAttention:  Items appearing in this section of the agenda may be moved to the Consent Calendar for this area by the Executive Director when, prior to taking up the Consent Calendar, staff and the applicant are in agreement on the staff recommendation.  If an item is moved to the Consent Calendar it will be processed in the same manner as other Consent Calendar items (See AGENDA CATEGORIES) except that if that item is subsequently removed from the Consent Calendar by a vote of three or more commissioners, the item will be acted upon at the meeting in the order in which it originally appears on this Meeting Notice and in the manner Coastal Permit Applications are processed.  The purpose of this procedural change is to expedite the Commission's coastal development permit process.

a.   Application No. 5-10-30 (Caltrans, City of Los Angeles)  Application of California Department of Transportation to construct new, approximately 96 ft. wide, 4- 12 ft. wide lanes, and shoulders varying from 2 to 10 ft. wide, bridge approach road, by realigning existing road (Route 47) to east, realigned road will overlap portions of existing roadway, and new roadway will be partly elevated and extend approximately 1,800 ft. in length from City of Los Angeles boundary line, located approximately 240 ft. north of Cerritos Channel to approximately Pier A West crossing, Wilmington, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County. (AP-LB). 

b.   Application No. 5-09-190 (City of Los Angeles, San Pedro)  Application of City of Los Angeles to convert bluff top public 24-space surface parking lot to public coastal overlook with raised viewing platforms; benches; landscaping with drought tolerant and non-invasive plants; impervious surfaces; runoff improvements; reconfiguration of terminus of Pacific Street to provide adequate vehicle turning radius; relocating and upgrading street lighting; and adding 10 on-street parking spaces, at 501 W. Paseo Del Mar at Bluff Place, San Pedro, Los Angeles County. (AP-LB)

 Motion and Vote

c.  Application No. 5-09-223 (Department Of Beaches & Harbors, County Of Los Angeles, Venice)  Application of Department of Beaches & Harbors, County of Los Angeles to remove 30,000 cu. yds. of dry beach sand and relocate one-half mile south to nourish eroded shoreline, at Venice Beach, 300 To 2300 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County. (CP-LB)



a.  City of Santa Barbara LCP Amendment No. MAJ-2-09 (Meigs & Lighthouse Roads). Public hearing and action on City of Santa Barbara’s request to amend its Local Coastal Program by amending the Local Coastal Plan land use designation from Major Public and Institutional to Residential-Five Dwelling Units per Acre, amend the Zoning Ordinance and map to change the zoning from Park and Recreation and Coastal Overlay Zone to One-Family Residential and Coastal Overlay Zone on a portion of a total 10.41 acres located at 210, 216 Meigs Road and 290 Lighthouse Road, City of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County. (JJ-V)

 Motion and  Vote
 Motion and Vote


a. UCSB Notice of Impending Development No. 8-08 (Lagoon Management Plan Restoration). Public hearing and action on Notice of Impending Development by UC, Santa Barbara for restoration and public access improvements at Campus Lagoon, including restoration activities to remove exotic vegetation and protect & establish coastal bluff sage, grassland, oak woodland, salt marsh, and sand dune plant communities on Lagoon Island; remove exotic vegetation, remove asphalt, and protect & establish Monterey cypress, oak woodland, sand dunes, torrey pine, and coastal sage scrub plant communities at Campus Point; protect and enhance salt marsh habitat along the perimeter of the lagoon adjacent to San Nicolas dorm; delineate a specific access trail system around the lagoon and restore volunteer trails; and construct engineered stairway from the beach to Campus Point. (ADB-V) [POSTPONED]


a.  Application No. P-9-23-76-8961-A2-R (Breskal, Los Angeles Co.) Reconsideration of Commission action to deny permit amendment to Saul Breskal to delete Special Condition No. 2 of permit P-9-23-76-8961 prohibiting development on 1 parcel of approved subdivision, including retirement of 1 separate parcel in Topanga pursuant to a Transfer of Development Credit (TDC), at 28002 Sea Lane, Malibu, Los Angeles County. (ADB-V)

 Motion and Vote


a.  City of Malibu LCP Amendment No. MAJ-2-09-A (“Crummer Trust” Parcel). Public hearing and action on revised findings for City of Malibu Local Coastal Program (LCP) Amendment No. MAJ-2-09-A, approved with suggested modifications to delete LUP Policy 2.78 and to modify the requirements of the Planned Development (PD) land use designation for one vacant 24-acre parcel adjacent to Malibu Bluffs Park, formally known as the “Crummer Trust” parcel (APNs 4458-018-018, 019, 002) to allow for a mix of residential and recreational use instead of commercial visitor-serving use, City of Malibu, Los Angeles County. (DC-V)

 Motion and  Vote
 Motion and  Vote
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