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January 2015 Agenda


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  2.  ROLL CALL.
  4.  GENERAL PUBLIC COMMENT. Public comments will be heard at 9:00 am for items not on the agenda, for no more than 30 minutes. For those unable to attend the early comment period, there will be additional comment time available later in the day. Note: Comments made during the general public comment period regarding matters pending before the Commission do not become part of the official record for those matters.
    1. ADMINISTRATIVE CALENDAR. See Agenda Categories .
      1.  Application No. 5-14-1708 (Campbell, Huntington Beach) Application of Cassie Campbell to demolish 102 ft., 8-in long wooden cantilevered deck and construct concrete cantilevered deck and etched glass railing, located at 4001 Morning Star Dr., Huntington Beach, Orange County. (LR-LB)
              6.  CONSENT CALENDAR. See Agenda Categories     Motion and Vote
    1. Application No. 5-14-0759 (Shah, Newport Beach) Application of Shirish & Sandy Shah to construct 3,997 sq.ft., 29-feet above finished grade, 2-story, single-family home with attached 500 sq.ft, 2-car garage on vacant beach fronting lot. Grading consists of 393 cu.yds. of cut, 566 cu.yds. of fill and 173 cu.yds. of import, at 1204 West Oceanfront Blvd., Newport Beach, Orange County (FSY-LB)
  1.  DEPUTY DIRECTOR'S REPORT FOR ORANGE COUNTY. Report by Deputy Director on permit waivers, emergency permits, immaterial amendments & extensions, LCP matters not requiring public hearings, and on comments from the public. For specific information contact the Commission's Long Beach office at (562) 590-5071.
  2.  CONSENT CALENDAR (removed from Regular Calendar). See Agenda Categories .
  3. LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAMS (LCPs). See Agenda Categories
    1.  City of Huntington Beach LCP Amendment Request No. LCP-5- HNB-14-0844-1 (Sandover Zone Change). Time Extension. Public hearing and action to extend 60-day time limit for Commission action up to one year on City of Huntington Beach request to amend the certified Implementation Plan to change the zoning of a 0.29 acre area from Residential Agriculture (RA-CZ) to Residential Low Density (RL-CZ), at southwest corner of Bolsa Chica Street and Los Patos Avenue, in Huntington Beach, Orange County. (MV-LB)    Motion and Vote
  4. NEW APPEALS. See Agenda Categories .
    1. Appeal No. A-5-LGB-13-0223 (Meehan, Laguna Beach) Appeal by Commissioners Bochco & Brennan; Mark Nelson, and Bill Rihn from decision by City of Laguna Beach granting permit with conditions to John Meehan for construction of 5,350 sq.ft. singlefamily home, attached 767 sq.ft., 3-car garage, and 125 sq.ft. storage area; and maintain nonconforming site conditions including casita and beach access stairway on blufftop lot, at 31381 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (ZR-LB)
    2.  Appeal No. A-5-LGB-14-0019 (Longi, Laguna Beach) Appeal by Devora Hertz, Jackie Gallagher, Audrey Prosser, and Clean Water Now (Roger Butow) of City of Laguna Beach's granting permit to Louis Longi for construction of 30 unit, 31-ft.-high, artists' work/live project with 17,242 square feet of interior work/live area; 11,421 square feet of exterior, communal work area; 513 sq.ft. retail art gallery; and subterranean garage with 47 vehicle spaces, at 20412 & 20432 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (MS-LB)     Motion and Vote
    3.  Appeal No. A-5-DPT-14-0069 (County of Orange Dana Point Harbor Department, Dana Point) Appeal by William Byrd & Bruce Heyman from decision by City of Dana Point granting permit with conditions to County of Orange - Dana Point Harbor Dept. for construction of Dana Point Harbor commercial core project, which includes renovations of existing buildings, phased demolition and construction of new commercial buildings reconfiguration of streets and other infrastructure improvements, new parking structure, landscaping, parking management plan, master sign program and conceptual approval of a dry stack storage building, crane and storm drains at 24650 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point, Orange County. (FSY-LB)     Motion and Vote
  5. COASTAL PERMIT APPLICATIONS. See Agenda Categories. Attention: Items appearing in this section of the agenda may be moved to the Consent Calendar for this area by the Executive Director when, prior to taking up the Consent Calendar, staff and the applicant are in agreement on the staff recommendation. If an item is moved to the Consent Calendar it will be processed in the same manner as other Consent Calendar items (See Agenda Categories) except that if that item is subsequently removed from the Consent Calendar by a vote of three or more commissioners, the item will be acted upon at the meeting in the order in which it originally appears on this Meeting Notice and in the manner Coastal Permit Applications are processed. The purpose of this procedural change is to expedite the Commission's coastal development permit process.
    1.  Application No. A-5-LGB-14-0034 (Laguna Beach Golf and Bungalow Village, LLC/The Ranch, Laguna Beach) Application of Laguna Beach Golf and Bungalow Village, LLC to expand and remodel former 64-room Aliso Creek Inn hotel, restaurant, banquet and golf course facility on 84 acre site to include addition of 33 hotel rooms, reconfiguration of restaurant and assembly areas and additions to existing structures; new spa, fitness center, employee lounge; and accessory structures, and establish outdoor event venue at 'Scout Camp', located at 31106 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (EP-LB)        Motion and  Vote     Amending Motion and  Vote          Motion and  Vote         Motion and Vote
    2.   Application No. 5-14-1310 (City of San Clemente Public Works Department) Application of City of San Clemente Publics Work Dept. to construct 32 space-paved surface public beach parking lot including hardscape improvements, bike racks, entry portal, 3-ft.-tall masonry wall along El Camino Real and landscaping on vacant lot, at 1832 El Camino Real, San Clemente, Orange County. (LR-LB)         Motion and Vote
    3. Application No. 5-14-1582 (Capistrano Shores Property, LLC, San Clemente) Application of Capistrano Shores Property, LLC to remove and demolish 1,440 sq.ft., 16-ft.-tall single-story mobile/manufactured home and install new 1,248 sq.ft., 16-ft.-tall singlestory mobile/manufactured home, 85 sq.ft. storage shed, patio, 18-inch high wood bench, 6-ft. high fence, and minor landscaping, at 1880 N El Camino Real, Space #12, San Clemente, Orange County. (LR-LB)