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Meeting Agenda
July 2017

California State University Monterey Bay World Theater Building
5260 Sixth Avenue
Seaside, CA 93955

July 14, 9:00am

  1.  Call to Order
  2.  Roll Call
  3.  Agenda Changes
  4.  General Public Comment 

Central Coast District

  1. Consent Calendar (Removed From Regular Calendar
  2. New Appeals
    1.  Appeal No. A-3-MCO-09-009 (Rancho Los Robles Subdivision, North Monterey Co.)
      Exhibits  Ex Parte  Correspondence 
      Appeal by Commissioners Blank and Wan; and Friends, Artists, and Neighbors of Elkhorn Slough of Monterey County decision granting permit with conditions to Heritage/Western Communities LTD for subdivision of 2 parcels totaling 33.58 acres into 76 lots; demolition of 2 single-family homes, 2 barns, and removal of 2 mobile home units; construction of 80 residences, including 68 single-family homes, 4 duplex lots, and 4 apartments; construction of 17,000 sq. feet of commercial space and 9.7 acres of common areas including open space and to provide for future parks and recreation development; and construction of roads and related improvements, at 100 Sill Rd., Las Lomas, North Monterey County. (KK-SC)     Motion and   Vote
  3. Coastal Permit Applications
    1.  Application No. A-3-MCO-16-0017 (Moro Cojo Subdivision Affordability Amendment, North Monterey Co.)
      Exhibits  Correspondence 
      Application for permit amendment by Community Housing and Improvement Planning Association, Inc. to reduce duration of affordability condition on 161 existing single-family homes from permanent to 20 years from the date of first deed conveyance, at Moro Cojo subdivision near Castroville Blvd. in unincorporated Prunedale, North Monterey County. (BO-SC)      Motion and  Vote    

North Central Coast District

  1.  Deputy Director's Report
  2. Consent Calendar (removed from Regular Calendar)
  3. Coastal Permit Applications
    1.  Application No. A-2-MAR-12-008 (Trivelpiece, Marin Co.) 
      Application by Wayne Trivelpiece for after-the-fact permit for domestic well at 5959 State Route One, Bolinas, Marin County. (SF-SF) [POSTPONED]
  4. Revised Findings
    1.  Marin County LCPA No. LCP-2-MAR-15-0029-1 (Marin LCP Update)
      Consideration of findings related to ongoing agriculture for the Commission’s November 2, 2016 action partially approving, with suggested modifications, the request by Marin County to comprehensively update the LCP’s Land Use Plan and Implementation Plan. (JM-SF)    Motion and  Vote