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Meeting Agenda 
Day 3 - March 8, 2019 -- 9:00 am

California African American Museum 
600 State Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90037 

(415) 407-3211
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Agenda Changes
4. General Public Comment
4.1. Presentation “Making Visible Stories of African Americans and the California Dream”
 Public Comment on Item
 Return to Commission 
 Motion and Vote 
South Coast District (Orange County)
5.1.Consent Calendar
 a. Application No. 5-18-0682 (Seidner, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach)
Application of Murray Seidner to demolish vacant structure and construct 2-story, 30-ft. high, 4,330 sq.ft. mixed use structure including 2,015 sq. feet of classic car sales on first floor, and two, 895 sq. feet residential units on second floor with 300 sq. feet of exterior deck area, and attached 3-car garage and 5 space parking lot, at 16655 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, Orange County. (MV-LB) Submit Comment
 Motion and Vote 
South Coast District (Orange County)
6. Deputy Director's Report for Orange County
 Consent Calendar (removed from Regular Calendar)
 Motion and Vote 
Local Coastal Programs (LCPs)
 a. City of Dana Point LCP Amendment No. 1-18 (LCP-5-DPT-18-0088-1) (City-wide Coastal Zone) Time Extension
Public hearing and action to extend time limit for action for one year on City of Dana Point’s request to modify and add various provisions to the Zoning Ordinance, the Implementation Plan (IP) component of the City of Dana Point LCP, commonly known as the ‘1996’ LCP. (FSY-LB) Submit Comment
 Motion and Vote 
New Appeals
 a. Appeal No. A-5-NPB-19-0003 (City of Newport Beach Residential Parking Permit Program)
  Appeal by James Mosher and Coastal Commissioners Brownsey and Padilla of City of Newport Beach decision granting permit to the City for establishment of resident parking permit program (RP3) restricting parking on public streets to “No Parking Anytime Except by Permit” within the Finley Tract on Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, Orange County. (LR-LB) Submit Comment
10.Coastal Permit Application
 a. Application No. A-5-LGB-16-0098 (Kinstler, Laguna Beach)
  Application of Charles Kinstler for remodel of and 1,603 sq.ft. addition of 2,585 sq.ft. single-family home with attached garage on ocean-fronting bluff, at 31505 Bluff Drive, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (MA-LB) Submit Comment 
 b. Application No. 5-18-0705 (Gallian, Newport Beach)
  Application of George Gallian to remove 30’ x 6’ public access pier platform and 4, 14-in. square concrete guide piles and expand 30’ x 6’ (180 sq.ft.) shared use private dock by installing 2, 14-in. square concrete marina guide piles; 38’ x 4’ wide finger; 14.5’ x 4’ headwalk; 3’ x 3’ knee; 18’ x 3’ knee, totaling 332 square feet. The gangway will be re-used, as well as, 2, 14-in. square concrete marina guide piles with 512 sq.ft. shared private dock, at 2806 Lafayette Avenue, Newport Beach, Orange County. (FSY-LB) Submit Comment
 c. Application No. 5-18-0821 (Foster, Foster, and West Coast Turf, Newport Beach)
  Application of Joseph Foster, John Foster, and West Coast Turf to demolish seawall and construct 10.44-ft. tall precast concrete panel seawall, concrete deck cantilevered 5-ft. over water, and 42-in. high glass railing across 3 properties at 4018, 4020, and 4022 Channel Place, Newport Beach, Orange County. (LR-LB) Submit Comment
 d. Application No. 5-18-0880 (Voigt Family Trust, San Clemente)
  Application of Voigt Family Trust for after-the-fact request for approval of 8-ft. tall concrete retaining wall, concrete steps and associated retaining wall, and triangle-shaped concrete patio on canyon slope at 507 W. Avenida de los Lobos Marinos, San Clemente, Orange County. (LR-LB) Submit Comment 
 e. Application No. 5-18-0976 (Silvers, Newport Beach)
  Application of Craig Silvers to remove 974 sq.ft. dock system consisting of dock float, gangway, gangway lobe, pier platform and pier approach and total of 13 piles, and install 1,184 sq.ft. dock system consisting of dock float, gangway, gangway lobe, pier platform and pier approach, and total of 6 piles, at 1601 E. Bay Ave., Newport Beach, Orange County. (FSY-LB) Submit Comment 
 f. Application No. 5-18-1014 (Cyprus, Newport Beach)
  Application of Kip Cyprus to remove 706 sq.ft., U-shaped dock float, and replace it with 56’ x 8’, single finger dock float with 14’ x 12’ landing at landward end of float. The landing will accommodate existing, to-remain, 3’ x 19’ long gangway. Four 12-in. diameter concrete piles will be removed and replaced with four 14-in. diameter concrete piles, located at 221 Via Lido Soud, Newport Beach, Orange County. (MV-LB) Submit Comment
Future Meetings:
 The next meetings of the Coastal Commission are April 10-12, in Central Coast and May 8-10, in South Central Coast.