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Meeting Agenda
May 2019

Oxnard City Council Chambers
305 West 3rd Street
Oxnard, CA 93030


Friday May 10, 2019, 9:00am

1.  Call to Order

2.  Roll Call

3.  Agenda Changes

4.  General Public Comment

Public comments will be heard at 9:00 am for items not on the agenda, for no more than 30 minutes. At the discretion of the Chair, speakers will be given up to 3 minutes. For those unable to attend the early comment period, there may be additional comment time available later in the day. Note: Comments made during the general public comment period regarding matters pending before the Commission do not become part of the official record for those matters.

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South Coast District (Orange County)

5.  Administrative Calendar

a. Application No. 5-18-0951 (Janet Curci Family Trust, Newport Beach)

Application of Janet Curci Family Trust to remove 790 sq.ft. dock system consisting of dock float supported by two, 12-in. square concrete guide piles, gangway landing lobe, gangway, and pier supported by three, 14-in. square concrete T piles and install 936 sq.ft. dock system consisting of dock float supported by four, 16-in. concrete guide piles, gangway landing lobe, gangway, 10' x 14'. pier platform supported by two, 14-in. square concrete T piles and pier approach, at 225 Via Lido Soud, Newport Beach, Orange County. (FSY-LB)

b. Application No. 5-18-0958 (Warmington, Newport Beach)

Application of James P. Warmington, Jr. to remove and replace 819 sq.ft. U-shaped dock structure with gangway, relocate two 18-in. piles and add three new 24-in. concrete piles at 700 West Bay Ave., Newport Beach, Orange County. (DT-LB)

South Coast District (Orange County)

6.  Deputy Director's Report for Orange County

Report by Deputy Director on permit waivers, emergency permits, immaterial amendments & extensions, and on comments from the public relating to the Deputy Director's report. For specific information contact the Commission's Long Beach office at (562) 590-5071.

7.  Consent Calendar (removed from Regular Calendar)

8. Local Coastal Programs (LCPs)

a.  City of Dana Point LCP Amendment No. 1-17 (LCP-5-DPT-17-0076-1)

Public hearing and action on request by the City of Dana Point to amend the certified Implementation Plan (IP) portion of the LCP by: 1) amending the Dana Point Specific Plan Coastal Visitor Commercial District to allow non-visitor serving uses above the ground floor; 2) amending the Dana Point Zoning Code to delete Section 9.07.210 Second Dwelling Units or Granny Flats and replace it in its entirety with new Section 9.070210 Accessory Dwelling Units; to add new Section 9.05.280 Accessory Buildings and Structures; to allow basements to encroach into required setback areas; revising height measurement standards for retaining walls requiring guard rails and for multiple fences; adding and modifying definitions; and some additional clean-up and corrections. (MV-LB)

          Motion and Vote 

9. Coastal Permit Applications

a.  Application No. 5-18-0327 (Fetterly, San Clemente)Postponed

Application of William and Geralynn Fetterly for reconstruction of 765 sq.ft. wood deck and deck railing consisting of installation of new caisson footings, posts, and girders; removal and replacement deck joists; new sister deck joists on deck; replacement of 225 sq.ft. of decking material; and complete replacement of deck railing system on existing non-conforming wood deck, on blufftop lot, at 2006 Calle de los Alamos, San Clemente, Orange County. (LR-LB)

b.  Application No. 5-18-0880 (Voigt Family Trust, San Clemente) Postponed

Application of Voigt Family Trust for after-the-fact approval of new 7-ft. tall concrete retaining wall at edge of coastal canyon, construction of new 4-ft. tall retaining wall and concrete steps down canyon and demolition of concrete patio within coastal canyon, at 507 West Avenida de los Lobos Marinos, San Clemente, Orange County. (LR-LB)


24.  Approval of Minutes       Motion and Vote

25.  Commissioners' Reports

26.  Conservancy Report

27.  Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Report

28.  Santa Monica Bay Restoration Report

  29.  Deputy Attorney General's Report  

Future Meetings:

The next meetings of the Coastal Commission are June 12-14, in San Diego and July 10-12, in San Luis Obispo.