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As a result of the Covid-19 emergency, and the Governor’s Executive Orders N-29-20-and N-33-20, this Coastal Commission meeting will occur virtually through video and teleconference. The Coastal Commission is
conducting the meeting virtually to avoid a public gathering and protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

(415) 904-5202

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Meeting Agenda
Day 3

Friday, August 13, 2021-- 9:00 a.m.
3. Agenda Changes
4. General Public Comment

Public comments that are not related to any of the items specifically listed on the agenda will be heard at approximately 9:00 am, for no more than one hour. At the discretion of the Chair, speakers may be given up to 2 minutes. Due to the transition to a virtual meeting platform, the Coastal Commission at this time will not allow for the ceding of time from one speaker to another speaker. Note: You may address the Commission on a specific topic one time only each month. Please submit a request to speak by 5:00 pm the day before the hearing to assist with meeting management sign up. We will stop taking speaker requests by 8:30 am on each day of the meeting. Please see the Coastal Commission’s Virtual Hearing Procedures memo for submitting a request to speak.
5. Consent Calendar         Motion and Vote
 a.Application No. 5-21-0059 (Dorey, San Clemente)
  Application of John Dorey to remodel and add 127 sq.ft. to one-story, 2,145 sq.ft. single family home at 2312 Plaza a la Playa, San Clemente, Orange County (CP-LB). Submit Comment
Consent Calendar (removed from Regular Calendar)
Motion and Vote
South Coast District (Orange County)
7. Deputy Director's Report for Orange County
  Informational briefing on status of Orange County Parks sea level rise adaptation planning and nature-based adaptation feasibility study required by conditions of Coastal Development Permit No. 5-19-0345, issued to Orange County Parks, to provide for interim protection of public amenities at Capistrano Beach County Park. (DZ-LB) Submit Comment
8.Local Coastal Programs (LCPs)
 a. City of Laguna Beach LCP Amendment No. LCP-5-LGB-21-0042-1. Time Extension
Public hearing and action to extend time limit for Commission action up to one year for certification of City of Laguna Beach LCP Amendment No. LCP-5-LGB-21-0042-1. Amendment No. LCP-5-LGB-21-0042-1 would amend the Implementing Ordinances (LIP) portion of the certified LCP to streamline the design review process; waive requirement for design review associated fuel modification programs; and establish new wireless telecommunication procedures. (MA-LB) Submit Comment
Please note: Items 9b and 11a will share a combined hearing
9.New Appeals
 a. Appeal No. A-5-DPT-21-0038 (Zhang and Li, Dana Point)
Appeal by David J. Daly and Joseph Janczyk from City of Dana Point granting permit with conditions to Ning Zhang and Kui Cai Li for demolition of single-family home and construction of new, 24-ft. high, two-story, 9,000 sq. ft. single-family home with two attached garages on coastal bluff lot, new subsurface drainage system to facilitate positive site drainage flow to street, and minor correctional recontouring of bluff face (return-to-natural) at 35491 Camino Capistrano, Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, Orange County. (CP-LB) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
 b. Appeal No. A-5-NPB-21-0026 (City of Newport Beach, Newport Beach)
Appeal by Environmental & Regulatory Specialists, Inc. from City of Newport Beach granting permit with conditions for construction of pedestrian and bicycle bridge across Superior Avenue, expanded parking lot, and open space improvements to Sunset View Park, located at northern (inland) side of intersection of West Coast Highway (WCH) and Superior Avenue, Newport Beach, County of Orange. (FSY-LB) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
 c. Appeal No. A-5-LGB-21-0043 (Gray, Laguna Beach)
  Appeal by Mark & Sharon Fudge and George Weiss from City of Laguna Beach decision granting permit with conditions to Mike & Lori Gray for after-the-fact substantial demolition of 2,736-sq.ft., 30-ft. high duplex, and construction of approx. 3,592-sq.ft., 30-ft. high single-family home with 657 sq.ft. garage at 1007 Gaviota Drive, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (MA-LB) Submit Comment
10.Coastal Permit Applications
 a. Application No. A-5-LGB-20-0050 (Dig Coast Inn, LLC, Laguna Beach)
Application of Dig Coast Inn, LLC to renovate 17,042 sq.ft. historic hotel, including interior remodel of 24 rooms, repair of exterior features, and restoration of historic turrets and signage, at 1401 South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (CS-LB) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
 b. Application No. 5-20-0427 (Giobbi, San Clemente)
  Application of Paul & Tiffaney Giobbi to remodel and expand 2,702 sq.ft., 2-story single family home, including 846 sq.ft. of living space addition on first and second floor, remove rear yard deck, and install new deck, attached covered outdoor living area, pool/spa, and new landscaping in rear yard of coastal canyon lot at 318 West Avenida Gaviota, San Clemente, Orange County. (VL-LB) (Note: The Commission’s enforcement division has opened an investigation into potential Coastal Act violations associated with this item and site, as is explained further in the staff report.) Submit Comment
 c. Application No. 5-20-0472 (Brusco, Newport Beach)
  Application of Bo Brusco to replace 735 sq.ft. boat dock and gangway with new 680 sq.ft. boat dock and gangway, in addition to removal and replacement of 3 existing concrete piles, at 18 Linda Isle, Newport Beach, Orange County. (CS-LB) Submit Comment
 d. Application No. 5-21-0079 (Ben Viloria, San Clemente)
Application of Ben Viloria to construct 424 sq.ft. second story wooden deck with steel posts and grade beam foundation attached to 2,437 sq.ft. single family home on coastal canyon lot at 225 Marquita, San Clemente, Orange County. (MR-LB) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
 e. Application No. 5-21-0109 (California State Parks, Orange Coast District, Laguna Beach)
  Application of California State Parks to improve 3 public parking lots with new drainage and ADA compliance features, in addition to like-for-like replacement of pedestrian/vehicle bridge at Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach, Orange County. (CS-LB) Submit Comment 
11.Permit Amendments
 a.  Permit Amendment No. 5-11-302-A2 (City of Newport Beach, Newport Beach)
Request by City of Newport Beach to construct western bridge abutment (structural support for new pedestrian bridge) supported by precast concrete driven piles, wing walls, short segment of concrete walkway over Superior Avenue connecting new pedestrian and bicycle bridge to existing walkway, and restore and improve disturbed landscape, located at 4850 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, Orange County. (FSY-LB) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
San Diego Coast District
12. Deputy Director's Report
 Report by Deputy Director on permit waivers, emergency permits, immaterial amendments & extensions, and on comments from the public relating to the Deputy Director's report. For specific information contact the Commission's San Diego office at (619) 767-2370. Submit Comment
13.Local Coastal Programs (LCPs)
 a. City of Carlsbad LCP Amendment No. LCP-6-CVR-21-0041-1 (Village and Barrio Master Plan Decision Making)
  Concurrence with the Executive Director's determination that the request by the City of Carlsbad to amend its Village & Barrio Master Plan (part of the certified IP) to change the decision-making authority is de minimis. (CB-SD) Submit Comment
 b. City of San Diego LCP Amendment No. LCP-6-SAN-20-0045-2 (Inclusionary Housing Regulations)
Public hearing and action on request by the City of San Diego to amend its certified Land Development Code (IP) to revise regulations related to inclusionary housing consistent with state law. (AL-SD) Submit Comment
Motion and Vote
Motion and Vote
 c. City of Encinitas LCP Amendment No. LCP-6-ENC-21-0002-2 (ADU and JADU Update)
  Public hearing and action on request by City of Encinitas to amend its Municipal Code (part of the certified IP) to revise regulations related to accessory dwelling units consistent with state law. (CH-SD) Submit Comment
14.Coastal Permit Applications
 a. Application No. 6-19-1426 (City of San Diego South Mission Beach Storm Drain Improvements, San Diego)
  Application of City of San Diego to replace, repair, and realign 6 storm drains; remove 1 storm drain; install 2 new storm drains; and install bioretention basins and low-flow diversion system improvements on eastern side of South Mission Beach, between Belmont Park and entrance channel, Mission Beach, San Diego, San Diego County. (MF-SF) Submit Comment
Future Meetings:
The next meetings of the Coastal Commission will be September 8-10, 2021, October 13-15, 2021.