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Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor
Sonke Mastrup, Executive Director
Jack Baylis, President
Los Angeles
Jim Kellogg, Vice President
Discovery Bay
Richard Rogers, Member
Santa Barbara
Michael Sutton, Member
Jacque Hostler-Carmesin, Member

Fish and Game Commission

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Wildlife Heritage and Conservation
Since 1870

1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320
Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090
(916) 653-4899
(916) 653-5040 Fax


April 8-9, 2015

Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa
2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa

The meeting will be live streamed at


NOTE: See important information about Commission deadlines and procedures at the end of the agenda.
 DAY 1 – APRIL 8, 2015, 9:00 A.M
1.  Public Forum
Any member of the public may address the Commission regarding the implementation of its policies or any other matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission. The issue to be discussed should not be related to any item on the current agenda. As a general rule, action cannot be taken on issues not listed on the agenda; at the discretion of the Commission, staff may be requested to follow up on such items. Submitting written comments is encouraged to ensure that all comments will be included in the record before the Commission. Please be prepared to summarize your comments in the time allocated by the presiding commissioner.
2.  Tribal Committee

 Motion and Vote

(A)  Meeting summary

 Receive recommendations

(B)  Work plan development
I.  Update on current work plan and timeline
II. Discuss and approve new topics
3.  Receive public comment on the Commission's draft tribal consultation policy

 Marine Resources Committee

 Motion and Vote

(A)  Meeting summary
I. Receive recommendations
(B) Work plan development
I. Update on current work plan and timeline
II. Discuss and approve new topics  
5.  Receive update on timeline for Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan and rulemaking, and receive California Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) recommendations for proposed regulations

 Update and action on pending marine-related regulatory and non-regulatory requests from 2014 (a summary of pending petitions and requests will be posted at about April 2, 2015)

 Motion and Vote


 Adoption of proposed changes to sport fishing fillet requirements for tunas and bag and possession limits for Pacific bluefin tuna for consistency with federal rules in 2015-2016 (Sections 27.65 and 28.38, Title 14, CCR)

 Motion and Vote


 Adoption of proposed changes to Pacific halibut sport fishing regulations for consistency with federal rules in 2015 (Section 28.20, Title 14, CCR)

 Motion and Vote

9.  Request for authorization to publish notice of intent to amend Dungeness crab and crab trap sport fishing regulations (Sections 29.80 and 29.85, Title 14, CCR)
10.  Request for authorization to publish notice of intent to amend commercial market squid light regulations and market squid logbooks (Section 149, and Appendix A, Title 14, CCR)

 Receive Department summary of proposed changes to marine protected area regulations to be included in proposed rulemaking scheduled for notice in August


 CONSENT ITEMS      Motion and Vote
12. Receive Neushul Mariculture, Inc.’s request to renew state water bottom lease M-654-03 for aquaculture
13. Receive and approve request from Mr. Kenneth L. Bouchard to reinstate Sea Cucumber Diving Permit No. SCD066, pursuant to a settlement agreement with the Department
14. Receive and approve request from Ross Bailey of Relentless Seafood, LLC, to reinstate Salmon Vessel Permit No. SA1196 for F/V Restless (FG40871), pursuant to a settlement agreement with the Department
15. Receive and approve request to transfer California halibut bottom trawl vessel permit on the F/V San Giovani from Giuseppe Pennisi to Ms. Billie E. Pennisi
16. Receive and approve The Abalone Farm, Inc. revised kelp harvest plan to add mechanical harvest of kelp in administrative kelp beds 17 and 18 (pursuant to Subsection 165(a)(6), Title 14, CCR)


17.  Discuss and approve Point Reyes Oyster Company’s request to amend state water bottom leases #M-430-13, #M-430-14, and #M-430-17, for aquaculture of various algal species
18.  Discussion of proposed changes to Central Valley river salmon sport fishing regulations (Subsections 7.50(b)(5), (b)(68) and (b)(156.5), Title 14, CCR)
19.  Announce results from Executive Session (see page 6)
20.  Items of interest from previous meetings      Motion and Vote
(A) Action on petitions for regulatory change received at the February meeting (the summary of petitions will be posted at about April 2, 2015)
(B) Action on non-regulatory requests received at the February meeting (the summary of requests will be posted at about April 2, 2015)
(C) Other
21.  Department informational items
(A)  Director’s report
(B)  Marine
(C)  Wildlife and Fisheries Division, and Ecosystem Conservation Division
(D)  Law Enforcement Division
(E) Other
22.  Other informational items
(A)  Staff Report
(B)  Legislative update
(C) Federal agencies report    
(D) Other    



This is the 145th year of operation of the Commission in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our goal is conserving our natural resources through informed decision making; Commission meetings are vital in achieving that goal. In that spirit, we provide the following information to be as effective and efficient toward that end. Welcome and please let us know if you have any questions.


Persons with disabilities needing reasonable accommodation to participate in public meetings or other Commission activities are invited to contact the Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator at (916) 651-1214. Requests for facility and/or meeting accessibility should be received at least 10 working days prior to the meeting to ensure the request can be accommodated.

As of July 1, 2015, the Commission will no longer be accepting comments or requests for change via facsimile. Please submit written material by email or US Mail.

The public is encouraged to comment on any agenda item. Submit your comments by one of the following methods (only one is necessary): E-mail to, fax to (916) 653-5040, or U.S. mail to Fish and Game Commission, 1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320, Sacramento, CA 95814; or hand-deliver to a commission meeting.

Written comments received at the Commission office by 5:00 pm on March 26 will
be made available to Commissioners prior to the meeting. Comments received by 12
noon on April 3 will be marked late and made available to Commissioners at
the meeting. Otherwise, 12 copies of written comments must be brought to the meeting.
All materials provided to the Commission may be made available to the general public.

All petitions for regulatory change and non-regulatory requests will follow a two-meeting cycle to ensure proper review and thorough consideration of each item. All requests submitted prior to this meeting or during public forum at the meeting will be scheduled for receipt at the April 8-9 Commission meeting, and scheduled for consideration at the June 10-11 Commission meeting.\

All visual presentations must be pre-approved by the Executive Director. Visual presentations must be provided by email or delivered to the Commission office on a USB flash drive by 12 noon on April 3. All electronic formats must be Windows PC compatible. A data projector, laptop and presentation mouse will be available for use at the meeting.

A summary of all items will be available for review at the meeting. Any item may be removed from the consent calendar by the Commission, or upon the request of the Department or member of the public who wishes to speak to that item.

To speak on an agenda item, please complete a “Speaker Card" and give it to the designated staff member before the agenda item is announced. Cards will be available near the entrance of the meeting room. Only one speaker card is necessary for speaking to multiple items.

Agenda items may be heard in any order and on either day pursuant to the discretion of the presiding commissioner.

  1. Speakers will be called in groups; please line up when your name is called.
  2. When addressing the Commission, give your name and the name of any organization you represent, and provide your comments on the item under consideration..
  3. Each speaker has three minutes to address the Commission, however, time may be adjusted at the discretion of the presiding commissioner. If there are several speakers with the same concerns, please appoint a spokesperson and avoid repetitive testimony.
  4. Speakers may cede their time to an individual spokesperson, but only under the following conditions:
    1. Individuals ceding time forfeit their right to speak to the agenda item; and
    2. The minimum number of individuals required to cede time to a spokesperson and the amount of time allocated are arranged in advance with the presiding commissioner.
  5. If you are presenting handouts/written material to the Commission at the meeting, please provide 12 copies to the designated staff member just prior to speaking.