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Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor
Sonke Mastrup, Executive Director
Jack Baylis, President
Los Angeles
Jim Kellogg, Vice President
Discovery Bay
Richard Rogers, Member
Santa Barbara
Michael Sutton, Member
Jacque Hostler-Carmesin, Member

Fish and Game Commission

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Wildlife Heritage and Conservation
Since 1870

1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320
Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090
(916) 653-4899
(916) 653-5040 Fax


April 8-9, 2015

Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa
2777 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa

The meeting will be live streamed at
  DAY 2 – APRIL 9, 2015, 8:00 A.M
23.  Public Forum
Any member of the public may address the Commission regarding the implementation of its policies or any other matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission. The issue to be discussed should not be related to any item on the current agenda. As a general rule, action cannot be taken on issues not listed on the agenda; at the discretion of the Commission, staff may be requested to follow up on such items. Submitting written comments is encouraged to ensure that all comments will be included in the record before the Commission. Please be prepared to summarize your comments in the time allocated by the presiding commissioner.
24.  Wildlife Resources Committee
 Work plan development
I. Update on current work plan and timeline
II. Discuss and approve new topics  

 Update and action on pending non-marine regulatory and non-regulatory requests from 2014 (a summary of pending petititions and requests will be posted at about April 2, 2015)

 Motion and Vote


 Consideration of petition, Department's report, and comments received on whether listing the Livermore tarplant (Deinandra bacigalupii) as a threatened or endangered species may be warranted
(Pursuant to Section 2074.2, Fish and Game Code)
Note: If the Commission determines that listing may be warranted, a one year status review iwll commence beforea a final decision on listing is made.

 Motion and Vote

27.  Adoption of proposed regulations regarding authorized methods of take for wildlife using lead ammunition – phasing out the use of lead ammunition (Add Section 251.1; amend subdivision heading and Sections 311, 353, 464, 465, 475, 485; repeal Section 355, Title 14, CCR)    Motion and Vote    Motion and Vote
(A) Certification of Final Environmental Document
(B) Proposed changes to Title 14, CCR

 Adoption of proposed changes to mammal hunting regulations (Sections 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 364.1, 702, 708.5, 708.11, and 713, Title 14, CCR)

 Motion and Vote


 Update regarding proposed changes to bobcat trapping regulations (Pursuant to Section 4255, Fish and Game Code)

 Student Comments on Item

 Public Comment on Item 
 Return to Commission 

 Request for authorization to publish notice of intent to amend upland game bird regulations (Sections 300 and 708.18, Title 14, CCR)

 Motion and Vote


 Request for authorization to publish notice of intent to amend waterfowl regulations (Section 502, Title 14, CCR)

 Motion and Vote

32.  Discuss Commission’s draft native plant policy
 CONSENT ITEMS         Motion and Vote
33.  Receive the Department's 90-day evaluation report on the petition to list tricolored blackbird as an endangered species (Pursuant to 2073.5, Fish and Game Code)
34. Receive annual review of management plans for Camp Roberts, Camp Pendleton, and Fort Hunter Liggett for management of Fish and Wildlife on Military Lands (Pursuant to Section 640, Title 14, CCR)
35. Receive and approve initial Private Lands Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Management Area plan 2015-2020 and license for: (Pursuant to Section 601, Title 14, CCR)
(A) Amann Ranch (Mendocino County)
36. Receive and approve annual reports and 2015-2016 Private Lands Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Management Area plans for: (Pursuant to Section 601, Title 14, CCR)
(A) Alexander Ranch (Monterey County)
(B) Capistran Ranch (Mendocino County)
(C) De Francesco/Eaton Ranches (Merced County)
(D) Eden Valley Ranch (Mendocino County)
(E) Gabilan Ranch (Monterey County)
(F) Hartnell Ranch (Monterey County)
(G) Lewis Ranch (San Benito County)
(H) Lone Ranch (San Benito County)
(I) Miller-Eriksen Ranch (Mendocino County)
(J) Peachtree Ranch (Monterey County)
(K) R-R Ranch (Mendocino County)
(L) Roostercomb Ranch (Stanislaus County)
(M) Santa Catalina Island (Los Angeles County)
(N) Shamrock Ranch (Mendocino County)
(O) Spring Valley Ranch (Mendocino County)
37. Receipt and approve 5-Year Private Lands Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Management Area plans 2015-2020 and licenses for: (Pursuant to Section 601, Title 14, CCR)
(A) Carley Ranch (Mendocino County)
(B) Christensen Ranch (Mendocino County)
(C) Elk Creek Ranch (Mendocino County)
(D) Potter Valley Wildlife Management Area (Mendocino County)
(E) Sanhedrin Ranch (Mendocino County)
(F) Seven Springs Ranch (Mendocino County)
(G) Summer Camp Ranch (Mendocino County)
38.  Discussion and action on future meeting items
(A) Next meeting – April 17 via teleconference, and June 10-11 in Mammoth Lakes
(B) Possible field trip for June meeting
(C) Perpetual timetable for regulatory action updates
(D) New business
(Not Open to Public)

Pursuant to the authority of Government Code Section 11126(a)(1) and (e)(1), and Seciton 309 of the Fish and Game Code, the Commission will meet in closed Executive Session. The purpose of this Executive Session is to consider:

(A) Pending litigation to which the Commission is a Party

  1. Big Creek Lumber Company and Central Coast Forest Assoc. v. California Fish and Game Commission (Coho listing, south of San Francisco)
  2. James Bunn and John Gibbs v. California Fish and Game Commission (squid permits)
  3. Center for Biological Diversity and Earth Island Institute v. California Fish and Game Commission (black-backed woodpecker)
  4. Dennis Sturgell v. California Fish and Game Commission, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Office of Administrative Hearings (revocation of Dungeness crab vessel permit No. CT0544-T1)

(B) Possiblie litigation involving the Commission

(C) Staff Performance and compensation

(D) Receipt of hearing officer recommendations on license and permit items


April 17 Special Meeting --
Arcata, Sacramento, Monterey, Santa
Barbara and Los Alamitos
May 6   Wildlife Resources
Department of Transportation
Conference Room 01.037
100 South Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
June 9   Tribal Committee
Mountainside Conference Center
1 Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93456
June 10-11 Mountainside Conference Center
1 Minaret Road
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93456
July 8   Marine Resources
Trinidad Town Hall
409 Trinity Street
Trinidad, CA 95570
August 4-5 River Lodge Conference Center
1800 Riverwalk Drive
Fortuna, CA 95540
September 9   Wildlife Resources
Department of Industrial Relations
2550 Mariposa Mall, Room 1036
Fresno, CA 93721
October 6   Tribal Committee
Embassy Suites - LAX North
9801 Airport Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
October 7-8 Embassy Suites - LAX North
9801 Airport Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045
November 4   Marine Resources
Southern California
December 9-10 Town and Country Resort and
Convention Center
500 Hotel Circle, North
San Diego, CA 92108


Pacific Fishery Management Council
• April 11-16, Rohnert Park, CA
• June 12-17, Spokane, WA
• September 11-16, Sacramento, CA
• November 14-19, Garden Grove, CA

Wildlife Conservation Board

• May 21, Sacramento, CA
• September 3, Sacramento, CA
• November 19, Sacramento, CA

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

• July 16-22, Reno, NV

Pacific Flyway Council
• July 24, Reno, NV



This is the 145th year of operation of the Commission in partnership with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our goal is conserving our natural resources through informed decision making; Commission meetings are vital in achieving that goal. In that spirit, we provide the following information to be as effective and efficient toward that end. Welcome and please let us know if you have any questions.


Persons with disabilities needing reasonable accommodation to participate in public meetings or other Commission activities are invited to contact the Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator at (916) 651-1214. Requests for facility and/or meeting accessibility should be received at least 10 working days prior to the meeting to ensure the request can be accommodated.

As of July 1, 2015, the Commission will no longer be accepting comments or requests for change via facsimile. Please submit written material by email or US Mail.

The public is encouraged to comment on any agenda item. Submit your comments by one of the following methods (only one is necessary): E-mail to, fax to (916) 653-5040, or U.S. mail to Fish and Game Commission, 1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320, Sacramento, CA 95814; or hand-deliver to a commission meeting.

Written comments received at the Commission office by 5:00 pm on March 26 will
be made available to Commissioners prior to the meeting. Comments received by 12
noon on April 3 will be marked late and made available to Commissioners at
the meeting. Otherwise, 12 copies of written comments must be brought to the meeting.
All materials provided to the Commission may be made available to the general public.

All petitions for regulatory change and non-regulatory requests will follow a two-meeting cycle to ensure proper review and thorough consideration of each item. All requests submitted prior to this meeting or during public forum at the meeting will be scheduled for receipt at the April 8-9 Commission meeting, and scheduled for consideration at the June 10-11 Commission meeting.\

All visual presentations must be pre-approved by the Executive Director. Visual presentations must be provided by email or delivered to the Commission office on a USB flash drive by 12 noon on April 3. All electronic formats must be Windows PC compatible. A data projector, laptop and presentation mouse will be available for use at the meeting.

A summary of all items will be available for review at the meeting. Any item may be removed from the consent calendar by the Commission, or upon the request of the Department or member of the public who wishes to speak to that item.

To speak on an agenda item, please complete a “Speaker Card" and give it to the designated staff member before the agenda item is announced. Cards will be available near the entrance of the meeting room. Only one speaker card is necessary for speaking to multiple items.

Agenda items may be heard in any order and on either day pursuant to the discretion of the presiding commissioner.

  1. Speakers will be called in groups; please line up when your name is called.
  2. When addressing the Commission, give your name and the name of any organization you represent, and provide your comments on the item under consideration..
  3. Each speaker has three minutes to address the Commission, however, time may be adjusted at the discretion of the presiding commissioner. If there are several speakers with the same concerns, please appoint a spokesperson and avoid repetitive testimony.
  4. Speakers may cede their time to an individual spokesperson, but only under the following conditions:
    1. Individuals ceding time forfeit their right to speak to the agenda item; and
    2. The minimum number of individuals required to cede time to a spokesperson and the amount of time allocated are arranged in advance with the presiding commissioner.
  5. If you are presenting handouts/written material to the Commission at the meeting, please provide 12 copies to the designated staff member just prior to speaking.