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Eric Sklar, President
Saint Helena
Jacque Hostler-Carmesin, Vice President

Anthony C. Williams, Member
 Huntington Beach

Russell E. Burns, Member

Peter S. Silva, Member
Chula Vista
Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Governor

Fish and Game Commission

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Wildlife Heritage and Conservation
Since 1870
Valerie Termini, Executive Director
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-4899

April 26-27, 2017

Airtel Plaza Hotel
7277 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys 91406

The meeting will be live streamed at

See important meeting deadlines and procedures at the end of the agenda. Unless otherwise indicated, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is identified as Department.

DAY 1 – APRIL 26, 2017, 9:00 A.M.

 Call to order/roll call to establish quorum

1  Approve agenda and order of items
2.  Public forum for items not on agenda
The Commission may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during this item, except to decide whether to place the matter on the agenda of a future meeting. (Sections 11125, 11125.7(a), Government Code)
 CONSENT ITEMS      Motion and Vote
 Receive Department’s 90-day evaluation report on the petition to list foothill yellow- legged frog (Rana boylii) as a threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA)
(Pursuant to 2073.5, Fish and Game Code)
 Motion and Vote 
Receive petition from the Center for Biological Diversity to list Cascades frog (Rana cascadae) as endangered or threatened under CESA
(Pursuant to Section 2073.3, Fish and Game Code, and Section 670.1(c), Title 14, CCR)
Approve five-year Private Lands Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Management Area (PLM) plans and 2017-2022 licenses for:
(Pursuant to Section 601, Title 14, CCR)

(A) Humboldt County

I. Stover Ranch

(B) San Benito County

I. Lewis Ranch

II. Trinchero Ranch

(C) San Joaquin County

I. Connelly and Corral Hollow Ranch

(D) San Luis Obispo County

I. Avenales Ranch

Approve annual PLM plans and 2017-2018 licenses for:
(Pursuant to Section 601, Title 14, CCR)

(A) Del Norte County

I. Alexandre Ecodairy Farms PLM

(B) Humboldt County

I. Big Lagoon PLM

II. Cottrell Ranch

III. Diamond C Outfitters

IV. Fulton Ranch

V. Hunter Ranch

VI. Klamath PLM

VII. Rainbow Ridge PLM

VIII. Redwood House Ranch

IX. Smith River PLM

X. Wiggins Ranch

(C) Mendocino County

I. Amann Ranch

II. Carley Ranch

III. Christensen Ranch

IV. Eden Valley Ranch

V. Elk Creek Ranch

VI. Four Pines Ranch

VII. Miller-Eriksen Ranch

VIII. Potter Valley Wildlife Management Area

IX. Sanhedrin Ranch

X. Seven Springs Ranch

XI. Shamrock Ranch

XII. Summer Camp Ranch

(D) MercedCounty

I. DeFrancesco Eaton Ranch

(E) Modoc County

I. Roberts Ranch

(F) Monterey County

I. Alexander Ranch

II. Camp 5 Outfitters – Roth Ranch PLM (See also San Luis Obispo County)

III. Gabilan Ranch

IV. Hartnell Ranch

V. Indian Valley Cattle Company (Lombardo Ranch)

VI. Morisoli Ranch (See also San Benito County)

VII. Peachtree Ranch

VIII. Work Ranch

(G) San Benito County

I. Lone Ranch

II. Morisoli Ranch (See also Monterey County)

III. Rancho La Cuesta

(H) San Bernardino County

I. Big Morongo Springs Ranch

(I) Santa Clara County

I. Coon Creek Ranch

II. Pacheco Ranch

(J) Shasta County

I. Duncan Creek Ranch

II. Stackhouse Ranch

(K) San Luis Obispo County

I. Camp 5 Outfitters – Roth Ranch PLM (See also Monterey County)

II. Chimney Rock Ranch

III. Clark and White Ranches

IV. D-Rafter-“L” Ranch, LLC

(L) Solano County

I. Buckeye Ranch

(M) Stanislaus County

I. Roostercomb Ranch

(N) Tehama County

I. 3D Ranch

II. Bell Ranch

III. Corning Land and Cattle Company

IV. R Wild Horse Ranch

(O) Trinity County

I. Stewart Ranch

II. Travis Ranch

 Wildlife Resources Committee

(A) Work plan development

I. Update on work plan and draft timeline

II. Discuss and approve new topics

 Motion and Vote

 Discuss proposed changes to upland game bird hunting regulations
(Section 300, Title 14, CCR)
 Adopt proposed changes to Central Valley salmon sport fishing regulations (subsections 7.50(b)(5), 7.50(b)(68) and 7.50(b)(156.5), Title 14, CCR)
 Motion and Vote 
 Adopt proposed changes to waterfowl hunting regulations
(Section 502, Title 14, CCR)
 Return to Item
 Motion and Vote
 Adopt proposed changes to mammal hunting regulations
(subsections 360(b) and 360(c), and sections 361, 362, 363, 364 and 364.1, Title 14, CCR)
 Motion and Vote 
 Adopt proposed changes to regulations concerning deer tagging and reporting requirements
(Section 708.5, Title 14, CCR)
 Motion and Vote
 Use of dogs for the pursuit/take of mammals or for dog training
(Section 265, Title 14, CCR)

(A) Adopt proposed changes to regulations

(B) Authorize publication of notice of intent to amend regulations

 Motion and Vote
 Motion and Vote 
 Ratify findings on the petition to list northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina) as a threatened or endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act (Pursuant to Section 2075.5, Fish and Game Code)
Note that staff will recommend the Commission not substantively discuss this item and that the item be continued to the June 21-22, 2017 Commission meeting in Smith River.
 Motion and Vote 
 Announce results from Executive Session
 Non-marine items of interest from previous meetings

(A) Importation of American bullfrogs and non-native turtles

(B) Other

 Motion and Vote 
Non-marine petitions for regulation change and non-regulatory requests from previous meetings

(A)  Action on petitions for regulation change

I.  Petition #2016-030 to add American bullfrog to list of restricted species

II.  Petition #2016-031 to issue restricted species permits to residents for


III.  Petition #2016-032 to remove all size and limit restrictions on the recreational take of striped bass

IV.  Petition #2017-001 to allow firearm possession while archery hunting for big game

(B)  Action on non-regulatory requests

(C)  Update on pending regulation petitions and non-regulatory requests referred to

staff and the Department for review

I. Petition #2015-008 to repeal hunting of American badger and gray fox

II. Petition #2016-026 to permit use of jacketed frangible bullet

 Motion and Vote       Motion and Vote       Motion and Vote
 Department informational items

(A)  Director’s report

(B)  Wildlife and Fisheries Division, and Ecosystem Conservation Division

(C)   Law Enforcement Division

(D) Other