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Valerie Termini, Executive Director

Eric Sklar, President

Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor

1416 Ninth Street, Room 1320

Saint Helena


Sacramento, CA 95814

Jacque Hostler-Carmesin, Vice President

Fish and Game Commission

(916) 653-4899

Anthony C. Williams, Member


Huntington Beach



Russell E. Burns, Member






Peter S. Silva, Member






Wildlife Heritage and Conservation

Since 1870


February 7-8, 2018

Resources Building – Auditorium, First Floor

1416 Ninth Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

The meeting will be live streamed at

NOTE: See important meeting deadlines and procedures at the end of the agenda. Unless otherwise indicated, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is identified as Department.

DAY 1 – FEBRUARY 7, 2018, 10:00 AM

 Call to order/roll call to establish quorum

1. Approve agenda and order of items

2. Election of Commission president and vice president      Motion and Vote

3. Committee assignments       Motion and Vote

(A)Marine Resources Committee

(B)Wildlife Resources Committee

(C)Tribal Committee

4. Public forum for items not on agenda

The Commission may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during this item, except to decide whether to place the matter on the agenda of a future meeting. (Sections 11125, 11125.7(a), Government Code)

 CONSENT ITEMS        Motion and Vote

5.Receive Dungeness crab task force report with update and recommendation on statutes scheduled to sunset in 2019

(Pursuant to Section 8276.4, Fish and Game Code)

6.Receive and approve north coast marine protected area monitoring plan

7. Tribal Committee

(A)Report on the annual tribal planning meeting

(B)February 6, 2018 meeting summary

I.Receive and adopt recommendations

(C)Work plan development

I.Update on work plan and draft timeline

II.Discuss and approve new topics

 Motion and Vote 

8. Marine Resources Committee

(A)Work plan development

I.Update on work plan and draft timeline

II.Discuss and approve new topics

 Motion and Vote 

9. Approve Department request to extend Charles Friend Oyster Company’s State Water Bottom Lease No. M-430-04 for a period of one year

 Motion and Vote 

10. Receive and consider the draft 2018 Marine Life Management Act Master Plan

11. Department presentation on the state of the California north coast marine protected areas

12. Marine items of interest from previous meetings

(A)Discussion and potential action related to the U.S. Department of Interior draft proposed 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program

 Motion and Vote 

13. Marine petitions for regulation change from previous meetings

(A)Action on petitions for regulation change

I.Petition 2017-011: Start time for take of abalone

II.Petition 2017-013: Pink shrimp trawling from False Cape to Point Reyes

III.Petition 2017-014: Take of purple sea urchins

IV.Petition 2017-015: Take of California king crab under rock crab permit

VI.Petition 2017-017: Stewart’s Point State Marine Conservation Area boundaries


(B)Action on pending regulation petitions referred to staff and the Department for review – none scheduled at this time

 Motion and Vote 

14. Marine non-regulatory requests from previous meetings

(A)Action on non-regulatory requests

(B)Action on pending non-regulatory requests referred to staff and the Department for review

 Motion and Vote 

15. Department informational items (marine)

(A) Director’s report

(B) Marine Region

I.Report on geoduck fishery

II.Update on Pacific Fishery Management Council process and timeline for ocean salmon and Pacific halibut auto-conformance regulations for 2018

(C) Law Enforcement Division

I.Report on prosecutions and penalties related to citations for poaching

16. Oral arguments by the Department and Pacific Star Sportfishing, Inc., related to possible action in Executive Session on the administrative accusation seeking suspension of Pacific Star Sportfishing’s commercial passenger fishing vessel license

17. Announce results from Executive Session