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June 24-25, 2020

Webinar and Teleconference
The California Fish and Game Commission is conducting this meeting by webinar and teleconference to avoid a public gathering and protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with Executive Order N-33-20.

Pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20, commissioners may participate in meetings remotely. The public may provide public comment during the public comment periods, and otherwise observe remotely consistent with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.

*This agenda is revised to provide a link to instructions to participate in the webinar, add detail to existing agenda item numbers 8 and 24, update the “amended sections” under agenda item 7, and add agenda item (D)II under Executive Session.

The meeting will be live streamed; visit the day of the meeting. To provide public comment during the meeting, please join via Zoom Webinar or by telephone. Please click here for instructions on how to join the meeting.

Note: See important meeting deadlines, including written public comment deadlines, and procedures at the end of the agenda starting on page 12. Unless otherwise indicated, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is identified as Department.

DAY 1 – June 24, 2020, 10:00 AM
Call to order/roll call to establish quorum
1. Consider approving agenda and order of items
2. General public comment for items not on agenda
 Receive public comment regarding topics within the Commission’s authority that are not included on the agenda.
Note: The Commission may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during this item, except to decide whether to place the matter on the agenda of a future meeting (sections 11125 and 11125.7(a), Government Code).
3. Executive director’s report
 Receive an update from the executive director.
4. Delegations to staff
Discuss and potentially approve delegations to the executive director to ensure staff can perform necessary responsibilities.
Motion and Vote
5. 150th Anniversary
Discuss the 150th anniversary of the Commission.
CONSENT ITEMS      Motion and Vote
6.Pacific leatherback sea turtle
Receive the Department’s 90-day evaluation report for the petition to list Pacific leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) as a threatened or endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) (Pursuant to 2073.5, Fish and Game Code, and subsection 670.1(d), Title 14, CCR)
7. Groundfish
Consider authorizing publication of notice of intent to amend recreational and commercial groundfish regulations to conform to federal regulations and modify statemanaged fishery regulations. (Amend sections 27.30, 27.35, 27.40, 27.45, 27.50, 28.27, 28.28, 28.54, 28.55, and 150.16, Title 14, CCR)
8. Department informational items (marine)
The Department will highlight marine items of note since the last Commission meeting.
 (A) Director’s report
  I. Update on actions taken after May 14, 2020 pursuant to the emergency sport and recreational fishing regulations
 (B) Marine Region
  I. Update on Drift Gill Net Transition Program
  II. Update on CARES Act Fisheries Assistance Funding
 (C) Law Enforcement Division
9. Annual tribal planning meeting
Report on the annual tribal planning meeting to be held pursuant to the Commission’s Tribal Consultation Policy.
10. Tribal Committee
Discuss and consider approving new topics for addition to the work plan. Discuss and consider approving draft agenda topics for the next committee meeting.
Motion and Vote
 (A)Work plan development
  I. Update on work plan and draft timeline
  II. Discuss and consider approving new topics
 (B)Discuss and consider approving draft agenda topics for the August 18, 2020 meeting
11. Marine Resources Committee
Discuss updates and recommendations from the previous committee meeting. Consider approving new topics to address at a future committee meeting.
 (A) Summary of part 2 of the March 17/April 29, 2020 meeting and recommendations
  I. Receive the Department’s updated marine aquaculture information report
  II. Consider proposed six-month hiatus on receiving new aquaculture lease applications
  III. Consider scheduling updates on experimental fishing permits phase 2 and recreational swordfish for July 2020
 (B) Work plan development      Motion and Vote    Motion and Vote
  I. Update on work plan
  II. Discuss and consider approving new topics
12. Pacific herring eggs on kelp
Discuss and consider adopting regulations for commercial Pacific herring eggs on kelp that implement the Pacific Herring Fishery Management Plan. (Amend sections 163 and 164, Title 14, CCR)
Motion and Vote
13. Dungeness crab
Discuss and consider direction on regulatory options and consider authorizing publication of notice to intent to amend recreational Dungeness crab regulations for marine life protection measures. (Amend sections 1.74, 29.80, 29.85, 29.91, Title 14, CCR)
Motion and Vote
 (A) Update and consider direction for:
  I. Criteria for director’s action under proposed delegated authority
  II. Criteria for severe weather extension to proposed service interval
  III. Inclusion of sunset option for validation stamp
  IV. Potential recreational lost gear retrieval provision
 (B) Consider staff request to continue notice to August so that direction on regulatory options can be integrated into draft rulemaking
14. Marine items of interest from previous meetings
These items are updates on agenda topics recently heard before the Commission.
 (A)Update on red abalone recreational fishery closure sunset date and consider a potential rulemaking to continue the closure.
15. Marine non-regulatory requests
Consider action on non-regulatory requests submitted by members of the public at previous meetings.
16. Strategic planning
Review feedback provided by Commissioners and the public regarding potential revisions to the mission and draft goals, potentially adopt draft goals and a revised mission statement, and provide direction on a draft plan.

Staff will recommend that this item be continued to a future meeting.
Motion and Vote
17. Proposed meeting dates and locations for 2021
Receive and discuss proposed meeting dates and locations of Commission meetings for January through December 2021. (Pursuant to Section 110, Fish and Game Code)