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September 22, 2020; 8:30 a.m.

Webinar and Teleconference
The California Fish and Game Commission is conducting this meeting by webinar and
teleconference to avoid a public gathering and protect public health during the COVID-19
pandemic, consistent with Executive Order N-33-20.

Pursuant to Executive Order N-29-20, commissioners may participate in meetings remotely.
The public may provide public comment during the public comment periods, and otherwise
observe remotely consistent with the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.

The meeting will be live streamed; visit the day of the meeting.
To provide public comment during the meeting, please join via Zoom Webinar or by
telephone. Please click here for instructions on how to join the meeting.

Note: See important meeting deadlines and procedures, including written public comment deadlines, beginning on page 4.

Call to order/roll call to establish quorum

1. Consider approving agenda and order of items

2. General public comment for items not on agenda

 Receive public comment regarding topics within the Commission’s authority that are not included on the agenda.

Note: The Commission may not discuss or take action on any matter raised during this item, except to decide whether to place the matter on the agenda of a future meeting (sections 11125 and 11125.7(a), Government Code).

3. Western Joshua tree
 Consider and potentially act on the petition, the Department’s evaluation report, and comments received to determine whether listing western Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) as a threatened or endangered species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) may be warranted.

(Pursuant to sections 2074 and 2074.2, Fish and Game Code) See notes on next page regarding public comments and one-year status review.

Note: Pursuant to Fish and Game Code Section 2074.2, the Commission, at its August 19-20, 2020 meeting, closed the public hearing and administrative record for this item and continued the meeting on the petition solely for the purpose of deliberation and decision. Therefore, no further public comment (written or verbal) will be accepted for or at this meeting for Agenda Item 3.

Note: If the Commission determines listing western Joshua tree may be warranted, a one-year status review will commence before the final decision on listing is made.
Motion and Vote
4. Conditional take of western Joshua tree during candidacy period
 If the Commission determines that listing may be warranted, consider regulatory action to allow take of western Joshua tree under certain circumstances by either authorizing a notice of intent to adopt a regulation at a future meeting or adopting an emergency regulation at this meeting, and consider taking final action under the California Environmental Quality Act.

(Pursuant to sections 399 and 2084, Fish and Game Code)
Motion and Vote