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Agenda of the CA State Park and Recreation Commission 8-9-13 meeting

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Los Banos Community Center, 645 7th Street, Los Banos, California

Friday August 9, 2013 - 9:00 a.m.

1.  Approval of minutes of the May 17, 2013 meeting in Scotts Valley.

 Motion and Vote

2.  Chair’s Report, Commissioner reports/comments, Recognitions.
    A. Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves – as requested by Save the Redwoods League and Sempervirens Fund.

3.  Director’s Report, including:
    -  Presentation/discussion of California State Parks’ fiscal year 2013-2014 budget.
    -  Presentation/discussion on State Parks’ Performance Measurement System.
    -  Update on the status of park unit general plans and concession proposals. 

4.  Parks Forward presentation by Lance Conn of the Parks Forward Commission.

 Public Comment

5. CLOSED SESSION* to discuss pending and/or potential litigation as permitted by Govern-ment Code section 11126 et seq.
 *LUNCH WORKSHOP: Meeting attendees are invited to observe the Commission during the first of what is planned as a regular series of lunch workshop/discussions. The Commission Chair will adjourn the formal business meeting for approximately 45 minutes between noon and 1:00 p.m. to conduct the workshop. Please note that lunch will NOT be provided but meeting attendees are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy during the workshop.

6. Public Hearing:
    A. Presentation and workshop/discussion of ongoing/deferred maintenance and capital outlay challenges at California State Parks.
    B.  Consideration and possible action on the State Parks’ recommendation to approve the General Plan/Environmental Impact Report/Resource Management Plan for San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area.
 Motion and Vote

    C.  Concessions Items - The following proposals are presented to the Commission so that a determination may be made that these proposals are compatible with the classification and approved general plan for the relevant park unit:
        I.  To renew the concessions contract for food/beverage sales and equipment rentals at the Morro Bay State Park golf course (operated by the County of San Luis Obispo).
        II.  To renew the concessions contract to operate the El Fandango restaurant at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.
        III.  To renew the concession contract for equestrian operations at Will Rogers State Historic Park.
 Motion and Vote

7.  Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed agenda items).

8. Adjourn.

*The Commission may conduct a closed session if deemed necessary pursuant to state law. Please note that the closed session will not be open to the public. The Commission will adjourn to an adjacent room for the closed session. At the conclusion of the closed session the Commission will reconvene in open session to provide an account of any reportable events as required.