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Agenda of the 11-8-13 meeting

East Theater of the California State Railroad Museum, 125 I Street, Old Sacramento 95814

Friday November 8, 2013 - 9:00 a.m.

A1.  Approval of minutes of the August 9, 2013 meeting in Los Banos.

 Motion and  Vote

1.  Chair's Report, Commissioner reports/comments,  Recognitions.
    A.  Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves - as requested by Save the Redwoods League and Sempervirens Fund.

 Motion and Vote

2.  Director's Report, including:
   - Update on California State Parks' 150th Anniversary celebration. 
   -  Update on the status of park unit general plans and concession proposals.

3.  Parks Forward presentation/update by Parks Forward Initiative staff.

4.  Presentation/discussion of California State Parks' budget.

5.  Business Intelligence/Performance Management presentation/discussion.

* LUNCH WORKSHOP: Meeting attendees are invited to observe the Commission during a lunch workshop/discussion session. The Commission Chair will adjourn the formal business meeting for approximately 45 minutes between noon and 1:00 p.m. to conduct the workshop. Workshop topics will include subjects on which the Commission should focus its efforts for the coming year, and development of a Commission mission statement. Please note that lunch will NOT be provided to meeting attendees.

6. Public Hearing:

    A.  Maintenance Workshop - Presentation and discussion of ongoing and deferred maintenance projects at California State Parks. Topics will include critical maintenance needs, the funding gap in cyclic maintenance, and development of criteria for prioritizing maintenance projects.

    B.  Concurrence on the Director's appointment of Ron Loveridge to the board of the California Citrus State Historic Park Non-Profit Management Corporation.

 Motion and Vote

    C.  Concessions Items:
      I.   Determination that the proposal to renew the concessions contract for marina operations at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is compatible with the classification and approved general plan for this park unit.

 Motion and Vote

      II.  Determination that the proposed contract for operation of a historic jewelry retail concession at Old Sacramento State Historic Park is compatible with the classification of this park unit.

 Motion and Vote

7.  Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed agenda items).

8. Adjourn.