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 March 5, 2021

-- AGENDA --


Monday, March 15, 2021, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-25-20 issued on March 12, 2020, and the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 issued on March 17, 2020, the Delta Stewardship Council will continue to provide opportunities for remote participation by Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee (DPIIC) members, staff, and the public with prudent measures to reduce community transmission of COVID-19.

The meeting’s proceedings will be conducted entirely remotely. There will not be a public access location. Members of the public may observe the meeting via webcast. To view the webcast, click the link (, select the DPIIC meeting from the list under "Next Live State Meetings," and press play to watch the webcast. Upon entering the webcast, you should hear the audio out of your computer and see any presentations on your screen. For best results, please use Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to view the webcast.

For any member of the public interested in providing comments on an agenda item or listening to the meeting via a phone line, please email or call (916) 798-9817, and provide your name, organization (if applicable), and the agenda item you wish to comment on. The Meeting Clerk will then provide the link and/or call-in information to join the meeting directly. Please mute your audio or phone upon call-in, until prompted by the chair to provide your comment. Members of the public who do not wish to join the meeting remotely or call-in can also provide their comment for the Meeting Clerk to read to the Committee during the agenda item.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the webcast, please contact the Council at

Thank you for your consideration.
The meeting will be webcast at:
Select the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee meeting from the list under "Next Live State Meetings."

The agenda items may be considered in a different order pursuant to the determination of the chair. Times listed on the agenda are approximate. At the discretion of the chair, all items appearing on this agenda, whether or not expressly listed for action, may be deliberated upon and may be subject to action.

1. Welcome and Introductions
Committee members will have the opportunity to share relevant updates with other DPIIC members and to comment on the summary of the October 26, 2020 DPIIC meeting.
2. Nature-based Climate Adaptation
As the Council’s climate change initiative Delta Adapts moves into phase two, and the Newsom Administration begins to implement the Nature-based Solutions Executive Order (N-82-20), DPIIC agencies have an opportunity to leverage and link nature-based climate adaptation actions in the upper watershed and bay to adaptation actions in the Delta. The panel discussion will be moderated by Andrew Schwarz, a senior member of the Council’s Delta Adapts team, and will include a presentation by San Francisco Estuary Partnership’s Resilient Landscapes Director Dr. Letitia Grenier on how the Council-funded Delta Landscapes Scenario Planning Tool can support naturebased adaptation and ecosystem-based water management. California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Science Advisor Dr. Amrith Gunesekara will also present recent CDFA-hosted farmer and rancher listening sessions and River Partners President Julie Rentner will discuss floodplain solutions in the south Delta.
  Committee Discussion: How can Delta Adapts leverage or inform the climate adaptation planning efforts of DPIIC agencies?
3.Delta Science Lightning Updates
 Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Laurel Larsen will discuss her vision as Delta lead scientist and introduce Dr. Jessica Rudnick, the Council and California Sea Grant social science extension specialist. Dr. Rudnick will present her evolving workplan and discuss how she anticipates engaging with DPIIC agencies in her work.
4. Report Out: Science Needs Assessment
 The Science Needs Assessment (SNA) is one of three priority actions that DPIIC endorsed to achieve ongoing, consistent, and reliable science funding. Delta Independent Science Board members Dr. Steve Brandt and Dr. Jay Lund will present the scientific focus of the SNA and ask DPIIC members to contribute members to an interagency task force to refine final recommendations.
  Committee Action: Contribute staff to a short-term interagency task force to refine final recommendations for discussion and endorsement at the July 12, 2021 DPIIC meeting.
5. Closing Remarks and Committee Business (5 min)
 Committee members may discuss committee business and potential highlights of the next meeting, scheduled for July 12, 2021.
6.Public Comment (5 min)

  • Additional information regarding the Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee can be found on the Delta Stewardship Council’s at

  • If you have questions or need reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please contact Human Resources Office at (916) 445-5511, or TDD (800) 735-2929.