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MLPAI Blue Ribbon Task Force May 25 2006

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(March 22, 2007 draft)

Thursday, March 29, 2007
9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Employment Development Department (EDD) Building
First Floor Auditorium
722 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, California 95814


Members of the public are invited to view or listen to the meeting via simultaneous webcasting on the Internet. Please visit the MLPA website at for more information.

Public participation: The public will be invited by the chair at several points in the meeting to offer comments on agenda items. General comments on the MLPA Initiative and the work of the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force, not directed to specific agenda items, will be taken at approximately 9:40 a.m.

Briefing documents and meeting presentations/handouts: Please note that task force briefing documents are listed at the bottom of the agenda. Briefing documents will be hyperlinked to this list as they become available.

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Meeting Objectives


Meeting Agenda

Note: the task force will break for lunch at approximately 12:00 noon and take a 15 minute break at approximately 3:00 p.m.

1. Welcome and Introductions: 9:30 a.m.
Susan Golding, Chair, MLPA Second Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force

2. Public Comment
Public comment will be taken on the task force meeting and initiative process. Public comments on specific agenda items should be made during that agenda item.

Informational Items

3. Mandate of the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force
[briefing document 3a]
Receive from Resources Secretary Mike Chrisman the charge to the task force, scope of the objectives to be pursued by the task force, and proposed timeline for achieving the objectives
Brian E. Baird, Assistant Secretary for Ocean & Coastal Policy, California Resources Agency

4. Second Phase Memorandum of Understanding
[briefing documents 4a-4d]
Review new memorandum of understanding (MOU) and resulting initiative structure, reflecting lessons learned from the MLPA First Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force
John J. Kirlin, former Executive Director, MLPA Initiative

5. North Central Coast Study Region
[briefing document 5a]
Introduction to the North Central Coast Study Region and draft regional profile
Dr. Mary Gleason, Principal Planner, MLPA Initiative
Susan Ashcraft, Senior Marine Biologist Supervisor - Marine Protected Areas, California Department of Fish and Game

6. Socioeconomics and Fisheries Management
Addressing socioeconomics and fisheries management in the second phase of the MLPA Initiative process
Ken Wiseman, Executive Director, MLPA Initiative

7. Staff Planning and Resources
Ken Wiseman

8. MLPA Master Plan for MPAs Implementation Update
[briefing documents 8a-8c]

John Ugoretz, Habitat Conservation Program Manager, California Department of Fish and Game

Action Items

9. MLPA Second Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF II) Operations and Policies
[briefing documents 9a-9c]
Proposed operating procedures, policy on transparency, and reimbursement guidelines
Ken Wiseman

10. Draft Strategy for Stakeholder and Interested Public Participation
[briefing documents 10a-10c]
Proposed strategies for stakeholder and public participation in the MLPA Initiative, including a statewide interests group
Melissa Miller-Henson, Operations & Communications Manager, MLPA Initiative

11. Draft Work Plan and Timeline
[briefing document 11a]
Draft charters, work plan / timeline, and plan for organizational meetings and coordination with California Fish and Game Commission
Ken Wiseman

12. MLPA Initiative Budget
[briefing document 12a]
Request for authorization to expend funds
Ken Wiseman



Briefing Documents
Note that the number preceding each letter below indicates the agenda item number from above.

3a. Charter of the MLPA Second Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force

4a. Memo from the MLPA First Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force regarding lessons learned (2004-2006)
4b. MLPA Second Phase MOU (2007-2008)
4c. Staff rosters for MLPA Steering Committee and MLPA I-Team (consisting of task force staff, contractors and California Department of Fish and Game staff)
4d. Description of roles and responsibilities for participants in the MLPA process

5a. Table of contents for the draft north central coast regional profile

8a. Final Environmental Impact Report for the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Central Coast Marine Protected Areas Project
8b. Pre-adoption statement for central coast MPAs regulations
8c. Charter of the MLPA Second Phase Master Plan Science Advisory Team

9a. Draft operating policies for the MLPA Second Phase Blue Ribbon Task Force
9b. Draft policy on transparency
9c. Draft reimbursement rate guidelines for MLPA Initiative activities

10a. Draft strategy for stakeholder and interested public participation
10b. Draft charter for a statewide interests group
10c. Draft charter for the regional stakeholder group

11. Draft work plan and timeline for achieving the objectives of the MOU

12. Ken Wiseman memo requesting authorization to expend funds