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TO:MS4 Permittees in the Los Angeles Region and Interested Persons
FROM:Renee Purdy
Executive Officer
DATE:June 21, 2021
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region (Los Angeles Water Board) will hold a public workshop to discuss Permittee and stakeholder comments about the Revised Tentative Regional Phase I MS4 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit (Revised Tentative Permit) for Permittees in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. A quorum of the Los Angeles Water Board will be present. The Los Angeles Water Board may provide general feedback to staff; however, no action or voting will take place at this workshop. The public workshop will be held on:
June 22, 2021, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
via Video
 and, Teleconference, and YouTube Livestreaming
Issuance of the Regional MS4 Permit is a pending adjudicative proceeding before the Los Angeles Water Board. During the workshop, Los Angeles Water Board members and workshop participants may discuss issues related to the pending proceeding. As stated above, the discussion will focus on Permittee and stakeholders comments and issues of concern.

1As a result of the COVID-19 emergency and the Governor’s Executive Orders to protect public health by limiting public gatherings and requiring social distancing, this meeting will occur solely via remote presence. As of the date this notice is published, the Los Angeles Water Board intends to conduct this meeting in a virtual/teleconference environment only. In the event orders from the Governor of California change prior to the scheduled date of the meeting, the format of the meeting may change to also allow for in-person attendance at a physical meeting location. If this were to occur, a revised agenda will be promptly issued reflecting the change to the format of the meeting. Persons desiring to receive notice about changes to the format of this meeting should sign up for the Lyris e-mail list by subscribing to our Electronic Mailing List (Select Region 4 Regional Phase I MS4 Permit).

On June 4, 2021, the Los Angeles Water Board transmitted the Revised Tentative Regional Phase I MS4 NPDES Permit, including Attachment F (the Fact Sheet2) and all other attachments, to Permittees and other stakeholders for public review. The Revised Tentative Permit, the Fact Sheet, and all other associated attachments are available under “Regional Permit (in development)” on the Los Angeles Water Board’s website at: al/index.html


The objective of this MS4 workshop is to discuss region-specific comments and concerns of stakeholders and Permittees, and to potentially narrow such comments and concerns in advance of the public hearing on the Revised Tentative Permit.


This workshop will be conducted in an active dialog format. The first part of the workshop will be dedicated to Ventura County Permittees’ and stakeholders’ comments on particular issues of concern and the Regional Board staff’s responses thereto. The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to Los Angeles County Permittees’ and stakeholders’ comments and the Regional Board staff’s responses thereto. Board members may ask questions throughout the workshop. Permittees and stakeholders who share similar comments/issues of concern are encouraged to present their comments/issues collaboratively at the workshop to allow adequate time to discuss shared concerns.
9:00 am –  Chair Welcome

Ventura County Discussion


9:05 am – Board Staff Introduction

9:15 am – Regional Permit vs. Separate Permit

9:50 am – TMDL Manner of Incorporation (Numeric vs. BMP Approach)

10:20 am –  Cost 10:35 am – Watershed Management Programs

10:50 am – Other Topics

The Fact Sheet (Attachment F) sets forth the principal facts and the significant factual, legal, methodological, and policy and technical rationale that serve as the basis for the requirements of the Order.
11:00 am – Break

Los Angeles County Discussion
 11:05 am – Board Staff Introduction

11:15 am – General Discussion

Due to the large number of individuals who requested to speak on Los Angeles County, each Permittee or organization will be allowed 2 minutes to speak. Representatives from different Permittees or organizations who wish to coordinate their remarks may combine their time. However, multiple representatives from the same Permittee or organization will receive a total of 2 minutes. For example, if City 1 and City 2 wish to coordinate, they will receive 4 minutes in total. However, if there are multiple speakers on behalf of the same City, all speakers from that City will receive 2 minutes in total.
1:00 pm – Adjourn

Zoom: Please register for this workshop by June 18, 2021 via the Zoom registration link below:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the workshop. Please join the Zoom Meeting at least 15 minutes before the meeting start time to resolve any technical issues. The workshop will start promptly at 9:00 am and will conclude at 1:00 PM.

CAL-SPAN YouTubeThis workshop is also available to watch live via using the YouTube link CAL-SPAN website below:

If unable to watch using the link above, you can find the live stream on the “Los Angeles Water Quality Control Board” YouTube Channel:

Please note participants viewing the workshop via live streaming will be unable to participate in the active discussion.

Contact: For additional information, contact Mr. Ivar Ridgeway by email at [email protected]