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Friday, June 14, 2019 at 9:00 A.M.
City of Cypress
Council Chambers
5275 Orange Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630

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Changes and postponements that may occur to this agenda will be placed on our website and automatically forwarded to those who subscribe to our electronic mailing list. Anyone wishing to subscribe to our electronic agenda mailing list may do so as follows: go to and choose Email Subscriptions from the homepage. Those who are not subscribers should visit our website prior to the board meeting date to view any changes to the agenda.

Supporting documents for agenda items are now posted on our website at least 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting. To view or download the documentation, go to and select the Public Notices page.
1. Introductions
2. Public Forum: Please identify yourself - Any person may address the Regional Board at the commencement of the meeting on any matter within the Regional Board's jurisdiction and not related to an item that is to be considered separately.
3. State Water Resources Control Board Liaison Report - This item is for information only. No public testimony will be allowed, and the Regional Board will take no formal action.
4. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of May 3, 2019
{Felipa Montes 951/782-3285 [email protected]}
 Motion and Vote 
 Consideration of Consent Calendar Items - Items marked with an asterisk (!) are expected to be routine and non-controversial. The Regional Board will be asked to consider these items at one time without discussion. If any interested party, Board Member or staff requests that an item be removed from the consent calendar, it will be taken up in the order shown.
 Motion and Vote 
!6.Waste Discharge Requirements for Trumark Homes, Cucamonga Avenue Improvement Project, City of Chino, San Bernardino County - Authorizing discharges of 0.56 acre of fill to an ephemeral earthen drainage located within the Prado Basin Management Zone, that is a water of the State. The discharge of fill is associated with widening and improvement of Cucamonga Avenue. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers did not take jurisdiction over the proposed discharges.
 {David G. Woelfel 951/782-7960 [email protected]}Order No. R8-2019-0047
!7.Delegation Resolution - The Board will consider adoption of a resolution delegating its powers and duties to the Executive Officer and clarifying that the delegated authority includes the power to approve conditional waivers for discharges from onsite waste treatment systems.
 {Teresita Sablan 916/341-5174 [email protected]}Resolution No. R8-2019-0056
 Public Hearing for Adoption of the Triennial Review Priority List - Regional Board staff will hold a public hearing to consider issues for the Triennial Review of the Water Quality Control Plan for the Santa Ana River Basin (Basin Plan). The purpose of this hearing is to review Regional Board staff's Draft Triennial Review Priority List (Priority List), to receive public comments and suggestions on issues the Regional Board should consider for future Basin Plan amendments and on the priority order in which these issues should be studied and for the Regional Board to consider adoption of the Priority List
 Motion and Vote 
 {David Woelfel 951/782-7960 [email protected]}Order No. R8-2019-0055
 Time Schedule Order(TSO) for the County of Orange, and the Cities of Tustin, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Orange, Lake Forest and Newport Beach to comply with the Requirements Prescribed in Order No. R8-2009-0030 as amended by Order No. R8-2010-0062 (NPDES Permit No. CAS618030) - Issuance of the Time Schedule Order is proposed to extend the schedule for compliance with fecal coliform effluent limitations for discharges to the Newport Bay watershed. Specific tasks will be required to be implemented by the Permittees during the proposed schedule.
 {Barbara Barry 951/248-0375 [email protected]}TSO No. R8-2019-0050
10. Poseidon Status Update:Identified Need and Mitigation Considerations Staff will be describing the water code determination for the proposed Huntington Beach Desalination Project and the identified need for the desalinated water from the Huntington Beach Desalination Facility (information item).
{Jayne Joy 951/782-3284 [email protected]

(This I­tem will not be heard before Noon)
11. Underground Storage Tanks Corrective Action PlansBoard staff will provide a list of sites where Corrective Action plans have been submitted within the Region as required by the California Underground Storage Tank Regulations, Title 23, Article 11, Section 2728 (information item).
{Kenneth R. Williams 951/782-4496 [email protected]}
12. Underground Storage Tanks Site Closure Report - Board staff will provide a list of site closures that have occurred within the Region as required by the California Underground Storage Tank Regulations, Title 23, Article 11, Section 2728(d) (information item).
{Kenneth R. Williams 951/782-4496 [email protected]}
13. Executive Officer's Report (information item)
{Hope A. Smythe 951/782-4493 [email protected]}
14. Regional Board Member and Executive Officer Communications - Regional Board Members and the Executive Officer may discuss meetings, communications, correspondence or other items of general interest relating to matters within the Board's jurisdiction. There will be no voting or formal action taken.
15. Closed Session - At any time during the regular session, the Regional Board may adjourn to a closed session to:
 a.consider evidence received in an adjudicatory hearing and deliberate on a decision to be reached based on that evidence (Gov. Code Section 11126(c)(3));
 b.consider the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of a public employee or to hear complaints or charges brought against a public employee, (Gov. Code Section 11126(a)(1));
 c.discuss significant exposure to litigation (Gov. Code Section 11126(e)(2)(B)(i));
 d.discuss whether to initiate litigation (Gov. Code Section 11126(e)(2)(C)(i)); and
 e.discuss pending litigation in the following matters (Gov. Code, § 11126, subd. (e)):
  (1)Goodrich Corporation v. California State Water Resources Control Board et al. (Los Angeles Sup. Ct. Case No. BS 110389, [consolidated with BS 110390 and BS110391]);
  (2)In re Petitions of Kwikset Locks, Inc. (SWRCB/OCC File Nos. A-1732, 1732(a), 1732(b), 1732(c), and 1732(d));
  (3)In re Own Motion Review of Rialto - Area Perchlorate Contamination (SWRCB/OCC File No. A-1824).
  (4)United El Segundo, Inc. & Rapid Gas, Inc. v. Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board, Riverside County Superior Court, Case No. RIC 1722363 [Challenging Cleanup and Abatement Order No. R8-2016-0048]
  (5)Orange County Water District vs. Sabic Innovative Plastics US, LLC et al., Orange County Superior Court, Case No. 30-2008-00078246-CU-TT-CXC [cross-complaints against Regional Board seeking declaratory relief]
Adjournment to the regular Board Meeting o fAugust 2, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., at the City of Cypress, Council Chambers, 5275 Orange Avenue, Cypress, CA 90630.
Any person who has a disability and requires reasonable accommodation to participate in this Regional Board Meeting should contact Felipa Montes at [email protected] , or at 951/782- 3285, no later than ten (10) days prior to the meeting.

If you need interpreter services, contact Felipa Montes [email protected] at lea st 10 business days from the date of the Board meeting.

Any person interested in obtaining information and/or providing input regarding pending applications for Water Quality Standards Certification under Section 401 of the Federal Clean Water Act, may do so by contacting Jason Bill at 951/782-3295 [email protected].