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6:00 P.M.

Arroyo Grande City Council Chambers
215 East Branch Street, Arroyo Grande

1.  CALL TO ORDER: 6:00 P.M.

 Closed Session Announcements: 

 Move that all ordinances presented for introduction or adoption be read in title only and all further readings be waived
6.a.  Presentation of Mayor's Commendations to City Charter Advisory Committee Members
This public comment period is an invitation to members of the community to present issues, thoughts, or suggestions on matters  not scheduled on this agenda.  Comments should be limited to those matters that are within the jurisdiction of the City Council.  The Brown Act restricts the Council from taking formal action on matters not published on the agenda. In response to your comments, the Mayor or presiding Council Member may:
  • Direct City staff to assist or coordinate with you.
  • A Council Member may state a desire to meet with you.
  • It may be the desire of the Council to place your issue or matter on a future Council agenda.
Please adhere to the following procedures when addressing the Council:
  • Comments should be limited to 3 minutes or less.
  • Your comments should be directed to the Council as a whole and not directed to individual Council members.
  • Slanderous, profane or personal remarks against any Council Member or member of the audience shall not be permitted.
The following routine items listed below are scheduled for consideration as a group. The recommendations for each item are noted. Any member of the public who wishes to comment on any Consent Agenda item may do so at this time. Any Council Member may request that any item be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda to permit discussion or change the recommended course of action. The City Council may approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda on one motion.
 Motion and Vote 
8.a. Consideration of Cash Disbursement Ratification (MALICOAT)
Recommended Action: Ratify the listing of cash disbursements for the period December 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013. 
8.b. Consideration of Contract Award for Banking and Merchant Services (MALICOAT)
Recommended Action: Award a contract to U.S. Bank for banking and merchant services for an initial period of five years and authorize the Mayor to sign the Master Services Agreement. 
8.c. Consideration of Annual Financial Report - Fiscal Year 2012-13 Receipt and Use of Water and Sewer Capacity and Connection Fees/Charges (MALICOAT)
Recommended Action: Receive and file the annual report of the receipt and use of water and sewer capacity and connection fees and charges, in compliance with Government Code Section 66013
Consideration Resolution Accepting the Status Report on Development Impact Fees (AB 1600)   (MALICOAT) 
Recommended Action: Adopt a Resolution accepting the status report on the receipt and use of Development Impact Fees (AB-1600) during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013. 
Consideration of Approval of Minutes (WETMORE)
Recommended Action: Approve the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of December 10, 2013, as submitted.
Consideration of Council Appointment to the Historical Resources Committee (WETMORE)
Recommended Action: Approve the recommendation of Council Member Barneich to appoint Kirsten Finberg to the Historical Resources Committee. 
8.g. Consideration of Council Appointment to the Architectural Review Committee  (WETMORE) 
Recommended Action: Approve the recommendation of Council Member Barneich to appoint Lan George to the Architectural Review Committee. .
8.h. Consideration of Arroyo Grande In Bloom Funding Request  (ADAMS) 
Recommended Action: Approve an expenditure of $1,200 to fund a donation requested by Arroyo Grande In Bloom to participate in the League of California Cities Annual Conference. 
8.i. Consideration of Resolution Amending the City Council Appointments Policy (ADAMS)
Recommended Action: Adopt a Resolution amending the City Council appointments policy to modify the Mayor Pro Tem provisions.
8.j. Consideration of Amendment to Façade Improvement Program Guidelines (ADAMS)
Recommended Action: Authorize staff to increase the maximum amount for façade improvement grants up to $10,000 if the request involves removal of non-conforming pole signs.
8.k. Consideration of a Consultant Services Agreement for the Corporation Yard Renovation Project (ENGLISH) 
Recommended Action: 1) Approve a Consultant Services Agreement with Harris Architecture & Design in the amount of $34,000; and 2) Authorize the City Manager to approve change orders up to 10% of the amount, $3,400 for additional work and unanticipated costs during the design and environmental review process.
8.l. Consideration to Declare Surplus Property (ENGLISH) 
Recommended Action: Adopt a Resolution declaring a 1989 Public Works service truck as surplus and authorizing its sale or disposal.
8.m. Consideration of an Amendment to the Agreement with Sprinkler King, Inc. for Water Conserving Landscape Irrigation Retrofit Projects (ENGLISH) 
Recommended Action: 1) Approve Amendment No. 2 to the Consultant Services Agreement with Sprinkler King, Inc. in the amount of $55,302 to complete water conserving landscape irrigation retrofit projects at Rancho Grande Park, Arroyo Grande Cemetery, Ocean View Elementary and Paulding Middle School; and 2) Authorize the Mayor to execute the amendment.
8.n. Consideration of Approval of Amendment to Communications Site Lease Agreement (Ground); Reservoir 2; 200 Hillcrest Drive (CARMEL) 
Recommended Action: Approve and authorize the Mayor to execute the Amendment to Communications Site Lease Agreement between the City of Arroyo Grande and SBA 2012 TC Assets, LLC.
8.o. Consideration to Accept the Donation of a Historic Collector Police Vehicle and Authorize the City Manager to Sign a Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Its Use (ANNIBALI) 
Recommended Action: Accept the donation of a historic 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 police vehicle from Mr. Samuel P. Cotton for use at public display events and parades and authorize the City Manager to sign the Memorandum of Understanding.
8.p. Consideration of Changes to Appointment of Council Members to the Homeless Services Oversight Council(ADAMS) 
Recommended Action: Approve appointment of Council Member Barneich to the Homeless Services Oversight Council.
 Consideration of Proposed City Charter Ballot Measure (ADAMS) 
Recommended Action: 1) Hold a public hearing on the proposed City Charter; 2) Review the recommendations of the City Charter Advisory Committee; 3) Receive community comments and suggestions and provide direction on any changes to the recommended proposed charter; 4) Direct staff to proceed with the process of placing a charter measure on the ballot at the election to be held on November 4, 2014 by scheduling an additional public hearing; and 5) Appropriate $10,000 for public education efforts. 
 Motion and  Vote 
9.b.  Consideration of a Proposed Ordinance Prohibiting Dogs at Soto Sports Complex (ROGERS) 
Recommended Action: The Parks and Recreation Commission recommends the City Council introduce an Ordinance prohibiting dogs at the Soto Sports Complex. Staff recommends an additional provision in Ordinance that permits dogs on the Parkside Pathway.
 Motion and Vote 

 Consideration of Hoosegow Park - Landscape and Accessibility Renovation Project 13-005; Le Point Street Conceptual Plan (ENGLISH) 
Recommended Action: 1) Approve the conceptual plans for the Hoosegow Park Renovation project; and 2) Appropriate $5,000 from the Water Neutralization fund to the project account for water conserving irrigation supplies.
 Motion and Vote 
Any Council Member may ask a question for clarification, make an announcement, or report briefly on his or her activities. In addition, subject to Council Policies and Procedures, Council Members may request staff to report back to the Council at a subsequent meeting concerning any matter or take action to direct staff to place a matter of business on a future agenda. 
Correspondence/Comments as presented by the City Manager.
This public comment period is an invitation to memebers of the community to present issues, thoughts, or suggestions. Comments hsould be limited to those matters that are within the jurisdiction of the City council. The Brown Act restricts the Council from taking action on matters not published on the agenda.


All staff reports or other written documentation, including any supplemental material distributed to a majority of the City Council within 72 hours of a re gular meeting, relating to each item of business on the agenda are available for public inspection during regular business hours in the City Clerk's office, 300 E. Branch Street, Arroyo Grande. If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. To make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation, contact the Legislative and Information Services Department at 805-473-5414 as soon as possible and at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date.

This agenda was prepared and posted pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2. Agenda reports can be accessed and downloaded from the City's website at

City Council Meetings are cablecast live and videotaped for replay on Arroyo Grande's Government Access Channel 20. The rebroadcast schedule is published at