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6:00 P.M.

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Webinar ID: 891 2920 8197

Or by Telephone: 1-669-900-6833; 1-346-248-7799; 1-253-215-8782

In compliance with the State and County Shelter at Home Orders, and pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20, which allows for a deviation of teleconference rules required by the Ralph M. Brown Act, City Council meetings will be held by teleconference only until further notice. Meetings can be viewed on Channel 20 and are live-streamed on the City’s website and on . Members of the public may provide public comment during the meeting by calling 1-833-493-5844 or by submitting written public comments to the Clerk of the Council at [email protected].
 5.a.Closed Session Announcements
 5.b.Move that all ordinances presented for introduction or adoption be read in title only and all further readings be waived
 6.a. Update Regarding Countywide COVID-19 Efforts
   Recommended Action: Receive update, accept public comments, discuss, and provide direction, as necessary.
    CC 2021-03-23_06a Update Regarding Countywide COVID-19 Efforts.pdf
 6.b. City Manager Communications
   Recommended Action: Receive correspondence/comments as presented by the City Manager and provide direction, as necessary.
    CC 2021-03-23_06b City Manager Communications.pdf
 6.c. Honorary Proclamation Declaring April As “Month Of The Child” And “Child Abuse Prevention Month”
    CC 2021-03-23_06c Honorary Proclamation_Month of the Child 2021.pdf
  This public comment period is an invitation to members of the community to present issues, thoughts, or suggestions on matters not scheduled on this agenda. Comments should be limited to those matters that are within the jurisdiction of the City Council. Members of the public may provide public comment remotely by joining the Zoom meeting utilizing one of the methods provided below. Please use the “raise hand” feature to indicate your desire to provide public comment.

Click the link below to join the webinar:
  •; Webinar ID: 891 2920 8197
  • Or Telephone Attendee: 1-669-900-6833; 1-346-248-7799; 1-253-215-8782; Press * 9 to “raise hand” for public comment

  • The Brown Act restricts the Council from taking formal action on matters not published on the agenda. In response to your comments, the Mayor or presiding Council Member may:
    • Direct City staff to assist or coordinate with you.
    • A Council Member may state a desire to meet with you.
    • It may be the desire of the Council to place your issue or matter on a future Council agenda.
    Please adhere to the following procedures when addressing the Council:
    • Comments should be limited to 3 minutes or less.
    • Your comments should be directed to the Council as a whole and not direct to individual Council member
    • Slanderous, profane or personal remarks against any Council Member or member of the audience shall not be permitted.
The following routine items listed below are scheduled for consideration as a group. The recommendations for each item are noted. Any member of the public who wishes to comment on any Consent Agenda item may do so at this time. Any Council Member may request that any item be withdrawn from the Consent Agenda to permit discussion or change the recommended course of action. The City Council may approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda on one motion.
Motion and Vote
 8.a.Consideration Of Cash Disbursement Ratification
   Recommended Action: Ratify the listing of cash disbursements for the period March 1, 2021 through March 15, 2021.
    CC 2021-03-23_08a Cash Disbursements.pdf
 8.b.Consideration Of Statement Of Investment Deposits
   Recommended Action: Receive and file the attached report listing of investment deposits of the City of Arroyo Grande, as of February 28, 2021, as required by Government Code Section 53646(b).

    CC 2021-03-23_08b Statement of Investment Deposits.pdf
 8.c.Consideration Of Approval Of Minutes
   Recommended Action: Approve the minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting of March 9, 2021, as submitted.

    CC 2021-03-23_08c Approval of Minutes_03-09-21.pdf
 8.d.Adoption Of A Resolution Declaring A Continued Local Emergency Related To The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
   Recommended Action: Adopt a Resolution declaring a continued local emergency related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    CC 2021-03-23_08d Continued Local Emergency COVID 19.pdf
 8.e.Consideration Of An Amendment To The Agreement For Consultant Services With Quincy Engineering For The Swinging Bridge Project
   Recommended Action: Approve and authorize the Mayor to execute Amendment No. 5 to the Consultant Services Agreement with Quincy Engineering to extend the contract expiration date to October 15, 2021, and approve the additional scopes of services to prepare a formal permit application for CDFW, prepare final plans and specifications for construction bid, and provide bid support and analysis in an amount not to exceed an additional $17,250.00.

    CC 2021-03-23_08e Swinging Bridge Project_Amendment No 5_Quincy Engineering.pdf
 8.f.Monthly Water Supply And Demand Update
   Recommended Action: Receive and file the Monthly Water Supply and Demand Report.

    CC 2021-03-23_08f Monthly Water Supply and Demand Update_February.pdf
Discussion And Consideration Of Approval Of The Central Coast Blue Operating Agreement And Adoption Of A Resolution Adopting CEQA Findings, A Statement Of Overriding Considerations, And A Mitigation Monitoring And Reporting Program, And Directing The City Clerk To File A Notice Of Determination For The Project
Motion and Vote
   Recommended Action: Review and approve the Central Coast Blue Operating Agreement and adopt a Resolution adopting CEQA Findings, a Statement of Overriding Considerations, and a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program and directing the City Clerk to file the Notice of Determination for the Central Coast Blue project.

    CC 2021-03-23_10a CCB Operating Agreement.pdf
Update Regarding Progress Toward The Top 10 Council Priorities For Fiscal Year 2020-2021 And Continued Consideration Of A Draft Strategic Plan
Motion and Vote
   Recommended Action: 1) Receive the update on the Top 10 Priorities; 2) Consider the Draft 2020 Strategic Plan; and 3) Direct staff to delay further strategic planning efforts until directed otherwise.

    CC 2021-03-23_10b Update Top 10 Council Priorities and Draft Strategic Plan 2020_2021.pdf
Consideration Of Arroyo Grande Community Service Grant Program Allocations For Year 2021
Motion and Vote
   Recommended Action: Adopt a Resolution approving the Arroyo Grande Community Service Grant Program awards for Year 2021.

    CC 2021-03-23_11a CSGP Allocations 2021.pdf
Consideration Of Fiscal Year 2020-21 Mid-Year Financial Status Report, Approval Of Mid-Year Budget Adjustment Requests, And Adoption Of A Resolution Establishing A Salary Range For A Part-Time Executive Secretary And Approving The Updated Citywide Combined Salary Schedule
Motion and Vote
   Recommended Action: 1) Consider, receive, and file the Mid-Year Financial Status Report; 2) Approve Mid-Year Budget Adjustment Requests; and 3) Adopt a Resolution Establishing a Salary Range for Part-Time Executive Secretary and approve the Updated Citywide Combined Salary Schedule.

    CC 2021-03-23_11b Mid-Year Financial Status Report_2020_2021.pdf
  This item gives the Mayor and Council Members the opportunity to present reports to the other members regarding committees, commissions, boards, or special projects on which they may be participating.
   1.California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA)
   2.South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District (SSLOCSD)
   3.Tourism Business Improvement District Advisory Board
   1.Air Pollution Control District (APCD)
   2.Brisco/Halcyon Interchange Subcommittee
   3.Council of Governments/Regional Transit Authority (SLOCOG/RTA)
   4.South County Transit (SCT)
   1.Homeless Services Oversight Board (HSOC)
   2.Zone 3 Water Advisory Board
   1.Brisco/Halcyon Interchange Subcommittee
   2.Five Cities Fire Authority (FCFA)
   3.Integrated Waste Management Authority Board
   4.South County Chambers of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee
   1.Community Action Partnership San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO)
   2.County Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC)
   3.Regional Water Initiatives
   4.Visit SLO CAL Advisory Board
  Any Council Member may ask a question for clarification, make an announcement, or report briefly on his or her activities. In addition, subject to Council Policies and Procedures, Council Members may request staff to report back to the Council at a subsequent meeting concerning any matter or request that staff place a matter of business on a future agenda. Any request to place a matter of business for original consideration on a future agenda requires the concurrence of at least one other Council Member.
  a) CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6:
Agency Negotiator: Whitney McDonald, City Manager Represented Employees: Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 620

b) CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: Agency Designated Representative: Whitney McDonald, City Manager Employee Organization: Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association (AGPOA)

Announcement(s) of any reportable action(s) taken in Closed Session will be made at the beginning of the next Regular City Council meeting as this meeting is not recorded or videotaped.
All Staff reports of other written documentation, including any supplemental material distributed to a majority of the City Council within 72 hours of a regular meeting, relating to each item of business on the agenda are available for public inspection during regular business hours in the City Clerk's office, 300 E. Branch Street, Arroyo Grande. If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disability, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. To make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation, contact the Legislative and Information Services Department at 805-473-5414 as soon as possible and at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date.
This agenda was prepared and posted pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.2. Agenda reports can be accessed and downloaded from the City's website at If you would like to subscribe to receive email or text message notifications when agendas are posted, you can sign up online through our Notify Me feature.
City Council Meetings are cablecast live and videotaped for replay on Arroyo Grande's Government Access Channel 20. The rebroadcast schedule is published at