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Based on the threat of COVID-19 as reflected in Emergency Proclamations issued by the State of California, County of San Luis Obispo and City of Atascadero and consistent with Executive Order N-29-20 the City Council Meeting will not be physically open to the public and City Council Members will be teleconferencing into the meeting.


To maximize public safety while still maintaining transparency and public access, the meeting will be live-streamed on, on Spectrum cable Channel 20 in Atascadero, and on KPRL Radio 1230AM and 99.3FM. The video recording of the meeting will repeat daily on Channel 20 at 1:00 am, 9:00 am, and 6:00 pm and will be available through the City’s website or by visiting
Members of the public are highly encouraged to call 805-538-2888 to listen and provide public comment via phone, or submit written public comments to by 5:00 pm on the day of the meeting. Such email comments must identify the Agenda Item Number in the subject line of the email. The comments will be read into the record, with a maximum allowance of 3 minutes per individual comment, subject to the Mayor’s discretion. All comments should be a maximum of 500 words, which corresponds to approximately 3 minutes of speaking time. If a comment is received after the agenda item is heard but before the close of the meeting, the comment will still be included as a part of the record of the meeting but will not be read into the record.
Any member of the public who needs accommodations should contact the City Clerk’s Office at or by calling 805-470-3400 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting or time when services are needed. The City will use their best efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to afford as much accessibility as possible while also maintaining public safety in accordance with the City procedure for resolving reasonable accommodation requests.

City Council agendas and minutes may be viewed on the City's website:
Copies of the staff reports or other documentation relating to each item of business referred to on the Agenda are on file in the office of the City Clerk and are available for public inspection on our website, Contracts, Resolutions and Ordinances will be allocated a number once they are approved by the City Council. The Minutes of this meeting will reflect these numbers. All documents submitted by the public during Council meetings that are either read into the record or referred to in their statement will be noted in the Minutes and available for review by contacting the City Clerk's office. All documents will be available for public inspection by appointment during City Hall business hours.


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

City Hall Council Chambers, 4th floor
6500 Palma Avenue, Atascadero, California

City Council Closed Session:

City Council Regular Session:

5:00 P.M.

6:00 P.M
 a.Conference with Real Property Negotiators (Govt. Code 54956.8)
Real Property: 6009 Del Rio Road (APN 049141038 – City Property), 2000 Ramona Road (APN 049141039 – City Property), 2455 El Camino Real (APN 049151056 – People Self Help Housing Property), 6105 Olmeda Avenue (APN 029091001 – State of California Property), Atascadero, California, 93422
Agency Negotiator: Rachelle Rickard, City Manager
Negotiating Parties: People Self Help Housing and State of California
Subject of Negotiations: Purchase price and/or terms of payment.
 b.Conference with Labor Negotiators (Govt. Code Sec. 54957.6)
Agency designated representatives: Rachelle Rickard, City Manager
Employee Organizations: Atascadero Professional Firefighters, Local 3600; Atascadero Police Association; Service Employees International Union, Local 620; Mid-Management/Professional Employees; Non-Represented Professional and Management Workers and Confidential Employees

Announcement(s) of any reportable action(s) taken in Closed Session that occur(s) after the adjournment of Regular Session will be made at the beginning of the next Regular City Council meeting as Closed Session is not recorded or videotaped.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:Council Member Bourbeau
Mayor Moreno
Mayor Pro Tem Newsom
Council Member Bourbeau
Council Member Dariz
Council Member Funk
Recommendation: Council:

1.Approve this agenda; and
 2.Waive the reading in full of all ordinances appearing on this agenda, and the titles of the ordinances will be read aloud by the City Clerk at the first reading, after the motion and before the City Council votes.

1. Proclamation in Appreciation and Recognition of Atascadero’s First Responders

CONSENT CALENDAR: (All items on the consent calendar are considered to be routine and non-controversial by City staff and will be approved by one motion if no member of the Council or public wishes to comment or ask questions. If comment or discussion is desired by anyone, the item will be removed from the Consent Calendar and will be considered in the listed sequence with an opportunity for any member of the public to address the Council concerning the item before action is taken.)
Motion and Vote
1.City Council Draft Action Minutes – June 8, 2021 & June 9, 2021
  • Recommendation: Council approve the June 8, 2021 Draft City Council Regular Meeting Minutes and the June 9, 2021 Draft City Council Special Meeting Minutes. [City Clerk]
2.May 2021 Accounts Payable and Payroll
  • Fiscal Impact: $2,494,928.63

  • Recommendation: Council approve certified City accounts payable, payroll and payroll vendor checks for May 2021. [Administrative Services]

3.Property Acquisition for Lift Station #13 and Force Main Realignment Project
  • Fiscal Impact: The total compensation to be paid is $11,000, plus an additional $5,500 for the lateral construction.
  • Recommendations: Council adopt Draft Resolution approving compensation payment for permanent easement acquisition located at APN 049-041-009 for the Lift Station #13 Replacement and Force Main Realignment Project. [Public Works]

4.San Gabriel Road and San Marcos Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project Construction Award
  • Fiscal Impact: $1,208,047.55

  • Recommendation: Council:
    1. Award a construction contract for $1,208,047.55 to Souza Construction Inc. for the San Gabriel Road and San Marcos Road Rehabilitation Project (Project No. C2020R05).
    2. Authorize the City Manager to execute a construction contract with Souza Construction Inc. for $1,208,047.55 for the San Gabriel Road and San Marcos Road Rehabilitation Project (Project No. C2020R05).
    3. Authorize the Director of Public Works to file a Notice of Completion with the County Recorder upon satisfactory completion of the Project. [Public Works]
5.American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Funds
  • Fiscal Impact: ARPA funds in the amount of $7,194,579 are expected to be received.
  • Recommendations: Council:
    1. Adopt Draft Resolution accepting the receipt of all funds available to the City pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
    2. Authorize the City Manager or her designee to execute all documents as necessary for the funding. [Administrative Services]
UPDATES FROM THE CITY MANAGER(The City Manager will give an oral report on any current issues of concern to the City Council.)
COMMUNITY FORUM: (This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons wanting to address the Council on any matter not on this agenda and over which the Council has jurisdiction. Speakers are limited to three minutes. Please state your name for the record before making your presentation Comments made during Community Forum will not be a subject of discussion. A maximum of 30 minutes will be allowed for Community Forum, unless changed by the Council. Any members of the public who have questions or need information may contact the City Clerk’s Office, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at (805) 470-3400, or
1. Del Rio Ranch General Plan, Zoning Map, and Specific Plan Amendments and Master Plan of Development (AMND21-0020)
  • Fiscal Impact: The proposed project is a large scale retail and lodging focused development which is expected to bring in significant revenues, especially to lodging uses. The development is required to annex into the City-wide CFD. With annexation into the CFD, overall, the project will be fiscally positive.

  • Recommendations: Planning Commission recommends City Council:
    1. Adopt Draft Resolution A approving a General Plan Map Amendment, based on findings
    2. Introduce for first reading, by title only, Draft Ordinance approving a Zoning Map Amendment and amendments to the Del Rio Road Commercial Area Specific Plan, based on findings.
    3. Adopt Draft Resolution B approving a Conditional Use Permit to establish a Master Plan of Development for the Del Rio Ranch project and allow for a conference center, mixed-use buildings, and an RV park, based on findings and subject to conditions of approval.

    4. The Planning Commission also recommended the City Council:

    5. Consider allowing temporary uses on the site prior to the establishment of permanent improvements and provide direction to staff and the applicant. If temporary uses are supported, details and conditions regarding temporary uses would need to return to the City Council at a later date. [Community Development]
    Motion and Vote
2. Adopting Sewer Service Charges to be Added to the 2021-2022 Property Tax Rolls
  • Fiscal Impact: The City estimates it will collect $3,320,523 in sewer service charges for Fiscal Year 2021-2022.
  • Recommendations: Council:
    1. Conduct a public hearing to receive verbal testimony regarding the proposed sewer service charges to be levied onto property tax rolls.
    2. Adopt Draft Resolution approving sewer service charges to be added to the 2021-2022 property tax rolls. [Public Works]

    Motion and Vote
3. Community Facilities District 2005-1 Annexation No. 23
  • Fiscal Impact: Assessments for this annexation are estimated to be $42,400 annually, adjusted each year for inflation.
  • Recommendations: Council continue the public hearing to the July 13, 2021 City Council Meeting to allow staff additional time to fulfill the legal noticing requirement. [Community Development]
D. COUNCIL ANNOUNCEMENTS AND COMMITTEE REPORTS: (On their own initiative, Council Members may make a brief announcement or a brief report on their own activities. The following represent standing committees. Informative status reports will be given, as felt necessary):
 Mayor Moreno
1. City Selection Committee
2. County Mayors Round Table
3. Regional Economic Action Coalition (REACH)
4. SLO Council of Governments (SLOCOG)
5. SLO Regional Transit Authority (RTA)

Mayor Pro Tem Newsom
1. City / Schools Committee
2. Design Review Committee
3. League of California Cities – Council Liaison
4. Visit SLO CAL Advisory Committee

Council Member Bourbeau
1. City of Atascadero Finance Committee
2. City / Schools Committee
3. Integrated Waste Management Authority (IWMA)
4. SLO County Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC)

Council Member Dariz
1. Air Pollution Control District
2. California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (CJPIA) Board
3. City of Atascadero Finance Committee

Council Member Funk
1. Atascadero Basin Ground Water Sustainability Agency (GSA)
2. Design Review Committee
3. Homeless Services Oversight Council
E. INDIVIDUAL DETERMINATION AND / OR ACTION(Council Members may ask a question for clarification, make a referral to staff or take action to have staff place a matter of business on a future agenda. The Council may take action on items listed on the Agenda.)

 1.City Council
  a) Council Member Dariz will request Council direction whether or not to have staff draft a proclamation recognizing First Responders for presentation at the June 22, 2021 City Council Meeting.
 2.City Clerk
 3.City Treasurer
 4.City Attorney
 5.City Manager
Please note: Should anyone challenge any proposed development entitlement listed on this Agenda in court, that person may be limited to raising those issues addressed at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council at or prior to this public hearing. Correspondence submitted at this public hearing will be distributed to the Council and available for review in the City Clerk's office.