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San Luis Obispo FireSafe Council

Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday March 18, 2015

Cambria Vets Hall, 1000 Main Street, Cambria



 Call to order Frank Mecham, President
1.  Introduction of Officers, Directors, Staff and Guests Frank Mecham, President
2.  -- Cal Poly Fire Forestry and Fuels student CWPP reports - Dan Turner
 -- Cambria Forest: San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury Report-
(Item 2A)
3.  Presentation of Condition of Cambria Monterey Pine Forest-Alan Peters, CAL FIRE (Item 3A)
4.  Panel Discussion about Forest- Moderator Dan Turner, SLO County Fire Safe Council
  1. Bruce Gibson, County Board of Supervisors
  2. Mark Miller, Cambria Community Service District Fire Dept
  3. Rob Lewin, CAL FIRE
  4. Alan Peters, CAL FIRE
  5. Jo Ellen Butler, Friends of Fiscalini Ranch
  6. Connie Gannon, Greenspace-The Cambria Land Trust
  7. Lisa Andreano, CA State Parks
  8. Justin Kephart, PG&E
  9. Wally Mark (tentative), Cal Poly State University
5.  Status of Grants available for Cambria projects-Dan Turner        Motion and Vote
  1. CAL FIRE SRA Fee Grant-Hazardous Fuel Reduction-$488,906
    1. Phase 2 application submitted but NOT selected for funding
  2. CAL FIRE/ARB (Cap and Trade)-Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant-$900,000
    1. Invited to apply (Phase 2 )for Cambria Forest Health Project- due April 30
    2. 55 month performance period if awarded: 7/2015 - 12/ 2019

(Item 5A)

(Item 5B)
6.  Consent Agenda ( Motion to approve)
  1. Approve January 2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
  2. Approve February 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Notes
Franch Mecham, President

(item 6A)

(item 6B)
7.  San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council Grant and Operations Budget Report: ( Motion to approve)
  1. San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council Grant and Operations Budget Report: (Motion to approve)
  2. 2014-15 FSC grant- $199,985 (14-014)
  3. 2014 Western WUI-Lake Nacimiento grant- $260,820 (14 WUI-004)
  4. 2015 Western WUI-Atascadero-Tassajera-$243,516 (15 WUI-093)
  5. 2014 CFAA-Parkhill grant- $226,000 (8CA13402)
  6. 2015 SLO Fire Safe Internal Operations budget
(item 7A)
(item 7B)
(item 7C)
(item 7D)
(item 7E)
(item 7F)
8.  2015 Grant Project Proposals-
  1. CAL FIRE SRA Grant: 22 months: 5/2015 - 3/2017
    Complete Parkhill Fuelbreak projects- $323,986
(item 7A)
9.  Nomination for Alternate Director for Environmental Representative-Jim Patterson (via letter)     Motion and Vote
  1. Jim Patterson nominates Holly Sletteland to be the Environmental Community Representative (Alternate)
10.  Earth Day Event- Sunday, April 19th at El Chorro Regional Park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  1. Volunteers to staff booth for 25th Anniversary of the first Earth Day held in San Luis Obispo County.
11.  Good of the Order  
12.  Cambria Forest Tour- site tour discussion- Phil Veneris, CAL FIRE & Mark Miller, Cambria FD
 Next meetings:
  • Exec Committee:     Thursday April 23, 2015                        Location: Templeton
  • Board of Directors:  Wednesday May 20, 2015 0900-1100   Location: TBD
14. Adjourn Meeting