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Date/Time:11-13-19 / 6:00 PM – 9:30 PMFacilitator:Chuck Anders
Meeting Location:1055 Monterey Street, SLO;
County Government Offices
Recorder:Brandy Lopez
Webcast:SLO-SPAN Channel 21
TV Broadcast:Channel 21 (Charter)
Purpose:Discuss Observations and Conclusions from Economic Workshop; Review Draft Recommendations on Economic Opportunities and Impacts; Launch New Panel Website and Set Panel Meeting Topics and Schedule for 2020.
Desired Outcomes:By the end of today’s meeting, the panel will:
  • Officially launch the new DCDEP website;
  • Review conclusions from Economic Opportunities and Impacts Workshop;
  • Receive an update on DCPP decommissioning;
  • Set Panel topics ad schedule for 2020;
  • Receive and discuss public comment; and
  • Record actions and evaluate the meeting.
Item #What – ContentAction PathWhoTarget Start Time
1. Panel Meeting Start All6:00 PM
2. Welcome / Safety Briefing (911, AED, CPR)
  • Inform
O’Malley6:00 PM (2)
3. Review Meeting Agenda
  • Inform
6:02 PM (3)
4. Official Launch of New Panel Website
  • Present
Lathrop6:05 PM (15)
5. Panel Observations and Discussion on Economic Opportunities and Impacts Workshop
  • Inform
  • Discuss
Brown/O’Malley Panel6:20 PM (40)
6. Discuss Recommendations on Economic Opportunities and Impacts
  • Present
7:00 PM (30)
7. PG&E Decommissioning Update
  • Inform
Jones7:30 PM (10)
8.Break  7:40 PM (10)
9. Panel Topics and Meeting Schedule for 2020
  • Present
Woodruff7:50 PM (20)
10. Public comment
  • Present
  • Record
All8:10 PM (30)
11. Path Forward - Panel Discussions and Recommendations on Economic Opportunities and Impacts
  • Discussion
  • Action
Panel8:40 PM (40)
12. Introduction to next meeting topic: 2018 NDCTP Ruling/Implications; and (2) Understanding Decommissioning under CEQA and the Coastal Act
  • Present
Anders9:20 PM (5)
13. Meeting Summary and (+/Δ)
  • Discuss
  • Record
Anders9:25 PM (5)
14.Adjourn Meeting*
  • Action
Anders9:30 PM
* Please note that public comment could take place earlier than scheduled if the meeting runs ahead of schedule.