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Diablo Canyon

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Public Tour – 06/20/2012 – 8:00 A.M.

Public Tour of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to assemble at the PG&E Community Center
(Prior registration and security clearance required of all public participants.)

The Members of the Independent Safety Committee, accompanied by members of the public, will conduct a tour of the Plant.

In the alternative, if the tour must be cancelled for any reason, the Committee may convene an informal question and answer session at the PG&E Energy Education Center (formerly the PG&E Community Center), 6588 Ontario Road, San Luis Obispo.

Afternoon Session – 06/20/2012 1:30 p.m.

XXI.  Reconvene for Afternoon Meeting

XXII. Committee Member Comments

XXIII. Public Comments and Communications

Anyone wishing to address the Committee on matters not appearing on the Agenda may do so now. The public may comment on any matter listed on the Agenda at the time the matter is being considered by the Committee. There will be a time limit of not more than five minutes for each speaker. No action will be taken by the Committee on matters brought up under this item but they may be referred to staff for further study, response or action.

XXIV. Information Items Before the Committee (Cont’d.)

  1.  DCPP/PG&E Interfaces with Local Counties, Agencies and Organizations with Respect to Emergency Planning and Preparedness Activities
  2.  Presentation on the Results of the Seventeenth Refueling Outage for Unit 1 (1R17)

XXV.  Concluding Remarks and Discussion By Committee Members of Future DCISC Activities

  1. Future Actions by the Committee
  2. Further Information to Obtain/Review
  3. Scheduling of Future Site Visits, Study Sessions and Meetings

XXVI. Adjournment of Sixty-sixth Public Meeting

The Committee’s policy is to schedule its public meetings in locations that are accessible to people with disabilities. Devices for attendees who may be hearing impaired are available.