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OCTOBER 28, 2020
6:30 PM
In compliance with the State and County Shelter at Home Orders, and as allowed by the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20, which allows for a deviation of teleconference rules required by the Ralph M. Brown Act, City Council meetings will be held by teleconference only until further notice.

The meeting can be viewed on Channel 20 and are live streamed on the City’s website and on Members of the public may provide public comment during the meeting by calling (805) 321- 6639 to provide public comment via phone (the phone line will open just prior to the start of the meeting at 6:30 PM) or written public comments can be submitted via email to [email protected] prior to the meeting start time of 6:30 PM. If submitting written comments in advance of the meeting, please note the agenda item. Written comments will be read out loud during the meeting on the appropriate agenda item subject to the customary 3 - minute time limit.

ROLL CALL: Commissioners Halverson, Holden, McLaughlin, Chair Rodman
AGENDA REVIEW: At this time the Planning Commission will review the order of business to be conducted and receive requests for, or make announcements regarding, any change(s) in the order of the day. The Commission should by motion adopt the agenda as presented or as revised.
PUBLIC COMMENTS: At this point of the meeting, members of the public may bring up any items within the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission that are not on the agenda. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes. The Planning Commission will listen to all comments; however, in compliance with the Brown Act, the Commission cannot act on items not on the agenda.
1. Meeting Minutes of the September 23, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting

(Recommended Action: Staff recommends that the Planning Commission approve the minutes as submitted.
Motion and Vote
2. Development Application 20-47
Applicant – – Cebulla Associates
The Planning Commission will consider an amendment to an existing Use Permit for an existing microbrewery and brewpub located at 191 South Oak Park Blvd. Unit #3 in the Retail Commercial (RC) zone. The proposed project consists of an approximately 965 square foot expansion into the adjacent Unit #4 and allow removal of up to five parking spaces to allow for outdoor seating. The proposed project is categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act.

Recommended Action:Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt a resolution approving Development Application 20-47 to amend an existing Use Permit.
Motion and Vote
3. Development Application 20-15
General Plan Amendment Housing Element Update & Rezoning of Opportunity Sites
The Planning Commission will consider making a recommendation to the City Council to certify a Negative Declaration, adopt the 2020-2028 Housing Element, and conduct first reading to rezone five properties to meet the City’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation. A Negative Declaration has been prepared in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (SCH #2020090344).

(Recommended Action: Staff recommends that the Planning Commission recommend the City Council: 1) Adopt the Resolution certifying the Negative Declaration for the 2020-2028 Housing Element and rezoning; 2) Adopt the Resolution adopting the 2020-2028 Housing Element and amending the Land Use Map of the Land Use Element; 3) Adopt the Resolution authorizing a Local Coastal Program Amendment; 4) Conduct first reading to adopt the Ordinance amending Development Code Section 1.10.020 Zoning Map and Appendix A.
Motion and Vote
* * * * *
The agenda and staff reports or other written materials relating to each item of business referred to on this agenda are available from the City website If you have questions regarding any agenda item, please contact the Community Development Department at [email protected].
Per Resolution No. 06-077, Planning Commission meetings are scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. and conclude no later than 11:00 p.m. Any public items remaining on the agenda at 11:00 p.m. that have not been discussed or considered by the Planning Commission will be continued to either an adjourned special meeting of the Planning Commission (scheduled before the next regular meeting) or to the next regular meeting. However, the Planning Commission may choose to continue the meeting past 11:00 p.m. upon a proper motion and a super majority vote in favor of such an action. Planning Commission Meetings are conducted under the authority of the Chair. The Chair will announce each item which will be read into the record; thereafter, the hearing will be conducted as follows:
  1. Staff will present the staff report and recommendation on the proposal being heard and respond to questions from the Planning Commission.
  2. The Chair will open the public hearing and ask interested persons to present testimony either in support of or in opposition to the proposal.
  3. Thereafter, the Chair will close the public testimony portion of the hearing and limit further discussion to the Commission and Staff prior to the Commission taking action on the item.
Planning Commission hearings can involve highly emotional issues. It is important that all participants conduct themselves with courtesy, dignity, and respect. All persons who wish to present testimony must observe the following rules:
  1. When you speak, first identify yourself and give your city of residence. Commission meetings are recorded and this information is required for the record.
  2. Address your testimony to the Chair. Conversation or debate between a speaker at the podium and a member of the audience or staff is not permitted.
  3. Keep your testimony brief and to the point. Talk about the proposal and not about individuals involved. On occasion, the Chair may be required to place time limits on testimony. In those cases, proposal description/clarification will be limited to 12–15 minutes, individual testimony to three minutes, and speakers representing organized groups to five minutes. Focus testimony on the most important parts of the proposal, do not repeat points made by others, and do not applaud during testimony.
  4. Written testimony is acceptable. Please submit to [email protected] and include the project information in the subject line.
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of an approval or denial of a project, you have the right to appeal this decision (pursuant to Grover Beach Municipal Code, Article IX, Chapter 7) to the City of Grover Beach City Council within ten working days after the date of action, in writing, to the City Clerk. The appeal fee of $300 must accompany the appeal form. The appeal will not be considered complete if a fee is required, but not paid. The appeal must be on an original form with original signature, a FAX is not accepted.