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Smart Energy Solutions Summit 06


October 10, 2006




  8:30      Welcome and KickOff  

                                  David Goodstein Author of Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil

9-10:30  PANELS

   Panel I.           Building homes today for tomorrow  

                                   (Jerry Bunin, coordinator): Case studies on how to build and remodel homes to use energy smarter           


   Dick Willhoit, President, Estrella Associates

   Jennifer Rennick, Architect 

   Andy Pease, Architect

   Marilyn Farmer, Architecture Departments, Cal Poly & Cuesta College

   Panelists Question 


  Panel II.          Land Use Planning as a tool to reduce energy consumption (Margot McDonald Coordinator):

                        Where smart growth has prevented sprawl and traffic congestion  


  Rick Cole, City Manager, Ventura  

  Vicente del Rio, Professor of City & Regional Planning, Cal Poly

  R. Thomas Jones, Dean, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Cal Poly


10:30-12:00 PANELS


   Panel III.        New Vehicle/Transportation Options (Patricia Wilmore & Aeron Arlin Genet, coordinators): 

                                    New vehicles and fuels for a new energy reality.


   Ken Dewar, J.B. Dewar

   Marc Geller, Plug In America

   Ron Cogan, Green Car Journal

   Mikel Robertson, SLO Green Goods

   Gary Dove, Dove Systems

   Panelists Question 


  Panel IV.         Energy efficient commercial buildings (Turko Semmes, coordinator)

                                Real world examples of designing new and retrofitting existing

                                commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency


    Rob Pena, Associate Professor of Architecture, Cal Poly

    George Garcia, garcia architecture + design

    Polly Cooper, Architect, San Luis Sustainability Group

    Rich Beller, Architect

    Panelists Question 


12:00 - 1:30 - LUNCH &  KEYNOTE SPEAKER:     

    Paul Fenn  Author of California’s Community Choice Law



1:30-3:00 PANELS  

   Panel V.          Changing transportation patterns (Patricia Wilmore and Aeron Arlin Genet, coordinators) 

                                Examples of where practical public transit system, alternative transportation, carpooling, and commuter rail systems have been effective


   Larry Allen, Executive Director, SLO County Air Pollution Control District

   Don Hubbard, Fehr & Peers

   Robert "Red" Davis, President, SLO Bicycle Club

   Lisa Quinn, Program Coordinator, SLO Regional Rideshare

   Panelists Question 


    Panel  VI.        Community choice–community and regional energy production (Ken Smokoska, coordinator): 

                            Using existing models as examples of communities that have become regional energy producers


    Steve Heckeroth, Energy Conversion Device

    Ken Smokoska, Sierra Club California Energy

    Paul Fenn, Author of California’s Community Choice Law

    David Rubin, Director of Service Analysis, PG&E

    Panelists Question 



3:00-4:30 PANELS

   Panel VII.       Building community will   (Andrew Christie, Coordinator): 

                                Examples of how cities and counties like ours have brought people together to achieve the consensus needed to change energy consumption patterns


   Tam Hunt, Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara

   Karen Diemer, Deputy Director, Dept of Environmental Services, City of Arcata

   Smitty Smith, State Director, Public Citizen, Texas

   Panelists Question 

    Panel VIII.      Generating energy in your home or your business for the region

                                        (John Ewan, Pacific Energy Company Coordinator)


    George Radford, Radford Industries

    Matthew Wood, Director of Sales, REC Solar

    David Carrell, On-Site Power Generation, SoCalGas