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Delta Stewardship Council
715 P Street, 15-300
Sacramento, California 95814
(916) 445-5511
  Posted Date: : April 18, 2022
Delta Stewardship Council Meeting Notice
For the health and safety of everyone attending this meeting, masks and physical distancing are strongly recommended.
Meeting Date:

April 28, 2022

Meeting Time:

9:00 AM

Meeting Location:

California Natural Resources Agency Building
715 P Street, Room 221
Sacramento, CA 95814

Metered street parking is available on adjacent streets. Paid parking is also available at a state-owned parking garage at
10 th and P Streets and a private-owned parking lot at 7 th and Q Streets. The closest light rail station is the 8 th and O Station.

To Attend the Meeting Remotely:

Join the meeting as an attendee online via Zoom


Or, call:
(669) 900-6833

Webinar ID: 821 3927 2349


The meeting will be broadcast and archived on
The agenda items listed below may be considered in a different order pursuant to the chair's determination. Any times listed on the agenda are approximate only. At the discretion of the Council, all items appearing on this agenda, whether expressly listed for action, may be deliberated upon and may be subject to action.

Public Comment: Information for providing comments is at the end of this notice.
Public comment may be limited to three minutes per person.
1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Roll Call – Establish a Quorum (Water Code §85210.5)
3. Closed Session: Litigation (Water Code §85210.5) (Action Item)
    The Council may discuss litigation matters pursuant to Government Code §11126 (e)(2)(A), (e)(2)(B)(i), and/or (e)(2)(C)(i), including: (a) Delta Stewardship Council Cases, Coordinated Proceeding JCCP No. 4758; (b) North Coast Rivers Alliance, et al. v. Delta Stewardship Council, Sacramento County Superior Ct. No. 34-2018-80002898; and (c) Takahashi v. Delta Stewardship Council, Sacramento County Superior Ct. No. 34-2018-00232084.

(This closed session is authorized under Government Code section 11126, subdivision (e).)
4. (Estimated Time: 10:00 AM) Reconvene Open Session
5. Roll Call – Establish a Quorum (Water Code §85210.5)
6. Consent Calendar (Action Item)
    Items for the consent calendar are expected to be routine and noncontroversial. The Council will be asked to approve all items on the consent calendar without discussion. If any councilmember, staff member, or interested person requests that an item be removed from the consent calendar, it will be removed. Removed items may be taken up either immediately after the consent agenda or placed later in the agenda at the chair's discretion.
    a) Adoption of March 24, 2022, Meeting Summary
7. Public Comment
    The public may comment on any topic not listed on the agenda.
8. Consideration and Possible Adoption of Written Findings Regarding Appeals of the Revised Certification of Consistency Number C202110 for the Lookout Slough Tidal Habitat Restoration and Flood Improvement Project (Action Item)

  Pursuant to Water Code Sections 85255.20 and 85225.25, the Council shall consider proposed written findings presented in the Proposed Determination prepared by staff, and may adopt written findings, regarding appeals of the revised certification of consistency with the Delta Plan (Certification Number C202110) for the Lookout Slough Tidal Habitat Restoration and Flood Improvement Project, submitted by the Department of Water Resources (Department) to the Council on December 30, 2021 to address the Council’s findings in its Determination dated July 16, 2021, for Certification Number C20215.

A link to the notice of public meeting for consideration of findings on appeal and release of the draft staff findings for comment can be found here: a-2240-45d9-ad35-b14d6ebc4548. As described in the notice, the Council anticipates that public comments on this item will begin at approximately 11:00 am.

The Draft Determination prepared by staff can be found here: 2-f364-468f-b3e0-7aac75a3d9e0 (A revised version responding to comments on the draft will be available prior to the meeting.)

All other related materials, including those submitted by the parties, can be found here:

(Note: A court reporter will record the proceedings.)
9. Chair’s Report
      a) Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee Restoration Subcommittee Update (Information Item)
10. Executive Officer’s Report
    The Executive Officer will provide an update on the Council’s activities and provide the Council with outgoing correspondence, the Outreach Highlights Report, the Active Projects List, and other relevant documents.
      a) Legal Update (Information Item)
      b) Legislative Update (Action Item)

The Council may discuss current legislation that could affect the Council and/or implementation of the Delta Plan and may take action to express support, opposition, or seek to amend any of the bills listed in the monthly legislative report.

11. Lead Scientist's Report (Information Item)
    Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Laurel Larsen will update the Council on Delta Science Program activities. The Lead Scientist Report provides the Council with unbiased advice on matters of scientific importance in the Delta. In addition, the monthly report offers an opportunity for discussion of relevant advances in science impacting the Delta and highlights Delta Science Program activities.
12. Presentation from Staff to the Council to Receive for Consideration, and Potentially Accept, the 2022-2026 Science Action Agenda (Action Item)
    The Council will hear a presentation from staff to receive and consider acceptance of the 2022-2026 Science Action Agenda (SAA). The SAA is a fouryear science agenda for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that prioritizes and aligns science actions to inform management decisions, identifies major gaps in knowledge, promotes collaborative science, and builds science infrastructure. More information about the process for the development of the 2022-2026 SAA can be found at
13. Delta Independent Science Board Update (Information Item)
    Delta Independent Science Board (Delta ISB) Chair Dr. Stephen Brandt will provide an update on the Delta ISB’s activities, including the release of a Comprehensive Review of the Delta Monitoring Enterprise, available at To help inform Council activities, the Delta ISB provides the Council with independent scientific advice on the Delta Plan and reports findings and recommendations from Delta ISB reviews of scientific activities that support adaptive management in the Delta. More information about the Delta ISB can be found on our website at
14. Preparation for Next Council Meeting
Members of the public shall be provided an opportunity to address the Council on any agenda item (except closed session items) and any item not listed on the agenda (Agenda Item 5). Comments during the public comment period shall be limited to matters within the Council's jurisdiction. Reasonable time limits may be established for public comments (Government Code Section 11125.7). Your comments are important to each member of the Council and staff.
Members of the public interested in providing comments should join the meeting via Zoom and contact the Council Clerk at [email protected], or call (916) 798-9817, provide their name and remain on the line. When called on by the Council Chair, Zoom attendees and telephone callers will be unmuted and able to provide oral comments.
All written comments will be distributed to the members and posted to the Council’s website alongside the meeting materials on the Council meeting web page. Written comments received by mail or email by noon the day before a Council meeting will be distributed to members in advance of the meeting. Written comments received after noon the day before a Council meeting will be distributed to the members at the meeting.
If you need accommodations, have technical issues, or have any questions, please contact the Public Participation Office at [email protected] or call (916) 798-9817. In addition, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available by calling (800) 735-2929.