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March 20 - 22, 2019, Board Agenda
Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 10:00 a.m. – 8 p.m.

U.C. Cooperative Extension
Agriculture Center Conference Room
1432 Abbott Street, Salinas

Thursday, March 21, 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Friday, March 22, 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Watsonville City Council Chambers
275 Main Street - 4th Floor

Items are numbered for identification purposes only and may be considered out of order. Items scheduled for the first day of a multi-day meeting may be delayed or continued to the next day of the meeting.  Closed session items may be considered on either or both days. 
Discussion/Information Items
  3.  Agricultural Order 4.0 Requirements Discussion (item continued from Wednesday)
[Chris Rose, 805/542-4770,]
[Elaine Sahl, 805/542-4645,]
[Arwen Wyatt-Mair, 805/542-4695,]

[Paula Richter, 805/549-3865,]

An interpreter will be available to translate into Spanish and to translate statements made in Spanish into English.

Un intérprete estará disponible para traducir al español y para traducir las declaraciones hechas en español al inglés
Friday, March 22, 2019, 8:00 a.m.
  8.  Roll Call
[Tammie Olson, Clerk to the Board, 805/549-3140,]
  9.  Introductions
[John Robertson, Executive Officer, 805/549-3140,]
 Approval of January 31-Febuary 1, 2019 Board Meeting minutes
 Motion and Vote 
  11.  Report by Regional Board Members
  12.  Report by State Water Resources Control Board Liaison [Dorene D’Adamo, 916/641-5609]
Public Forum
  13.  Any person may address the Board regarding a matter within the Board's jurisdiction that is not related to an item on this meeting agenda. Comments will generally be limited to three minutes, unless otherwise directed by the Chair. Any person wishing to make a longer presentation should contact the Executive Officer at least one week prior to the meeting. Comments regarding pending adjudicatory matters will not be permitted.
Permits/Waste Discharge Requirements
  14.  Update on City of Salinas Stormwater Permit Re-Issuance
[Dominic Roques, 805/542-4780,]

Educational Field Trip
  15.  Community Water Center, Watsonville Office
[Angela Schroeter, 805/542-4644, ]

The Board will travel to the Community Water Center’s office located at 406 Main Street, Suite 421, Watsonville, for a presentation by Community Water Center staff.

The public is invited to attend the field trip. Space is very limited, and transportation will not be provided. Persons interested in participating in the field trip must RSVP by March 15, 2019, at noon by emailing the Clerk to the Board at
Closed Session
  16. Discussion of Cases in Litigation [Staff Counsel Stephanie Yu]
The Board may meet in closed session to discuss pending litigation, as authorized by Government Code (GC) Section 11126[e][2][A], in the cases of:
    Litigation filed against the Central Coast Water Board:

1. 2017 Agricultural Discharges Order – Monterey Coastkeeper, et al. v. Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region
(Sacramento County Superior Court, Case No. 34-2017-80002655)
    Litigation filed by the Central Coast Water Board against other parties, including referrals to the Office of the Attorney General:

2. United States, et al. v. HVI Cat Canyon, Inc., f/k/a Greka Oil & Gas, Inc. (U.S. District Court, Central District of California, Case No. CV 11-05097 FMO (PLAx))
3. Referral to Attorney General concerning Plains Pipeline, LP, Refugio Oil Spill, Gaviota, Santa Barbara County (Resolution No. R3-2015-0026)

    The Board may discuss significant exposure to litigation as authorized by GC Section 11126[e][2][B]. The Board may also decide whether to initiate litigation as authorized by GC Section 11126[e][2][C]. The Board is not required to allow public comment on closed session items. (See GC Section 11125.7(d).
    Deliberation on Decision after Hearing
      The Board may meet in closed session to deliberate on a decision to be reached based upon evidence introduced in a hearing, as authorized by GC Section 11126(c) (3).
    Personnel Issues
      The Board may meet in closed session to discuss the appointment, evaluation of performance, or dismissal of a public employee or to hear complaints or charges brought against that employee by another employee unless the employee requests a public hearing. (This closed session is authorized under Government Code section 11126, subd. (a)(1).)
  The next scheduled Board meeting is May 9-10, 2019, in San Luis Obispo.

If you have questions about the agenda, contact Tammie Olson at (805) 549-3140.

Written comments must generally be received prior to the Board meeting by the comment deadline for the specific agenda item. Written comments that are received after deadlines set by item-specific notices and/or hearing procedures will not generally be admitted. Any person requesting to submit late materials must demonstrate good cause, and the Chair must find that the admission of the late materials would not prejudice the Central Coast Water Board or any designated party. The Chair may modify this rule to avoid severe hardship.
 A late request for extra time will not prevent the party from speaking to the Board for the three minutes given to all members of the public.

**The deadline for submitting presentation materials for the March board meeting has been extended to 12:00 pm on Monday, March 18, 2019. The deadline for requesting additional speaking time for the March board meeting remains 12:00 pm on Friday, March 15, 2019. 

Submittals are to be sent via e-mail to the Clerk to the Board at Please indicate in the subject line, “3/20-22/19 BOARD MEETING (fill in bolded subject from appropriate item).” If you have questions about the agenda, contact the Clerk to the Board at (805) 549-3140.

Agenda and items are available electronically at:

Instructions regarding board meeting conduct and procedures can be found on the Central Coast Water Board’s website:

If you require an interpreter, please contact the Clerk of the Board Tammie Olson at (805) 549-3140 or email by 12:00 pm on Friday, March 15, 2019