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December 15, 2021
9:00 a.m.

Video and Teleconference Meeting Only
No Physical Meeting Location
(Authorized by Government Code section 11133)

Video and Teleconference Meeting During COVID-19 Emergency: As a result of the COVID-19 emergency and as authorized by Government Code section 11133, this meeting will occur solely via remote presence.

For those who wish to comment on an agenda item or are presenting to the Board, additional information about participating telephonically or via the remote meeting solution is available here: (

For those who only wish to watch the meeting, the customary webcast remains available at: and should be used UNLESS you intend to comment.

 Items are numbered for identification purposes only and may not be considered in order. Items scheduled for the first day of a multi-day meeting may be delayed or continued to the next day of the meeting. Closed session items may be considered on either or both days.
1. Roll Call and Introductions
2. Public Forum

Any person may address the Water Board regarding a matter within the Board's jurisdiction that is not related to an item on this meeting agenda. Comments will generally be limited to three minutes, unless otherwise directed by the Chair. Comments regarding pending adjudicatory matters will not be allowed. The public is encouraged to visit the Board website [] and contact Board staff to determine whether a matter is a pending adjudicatory matter.
3. 2021 Dr. Teng-Chung Wu Pollution Prevention Award  Presentation of Award to California Association of Sanitation Agencies for Leadership in Pollution Prevention [Jessica Watkins, 510-622-2349, [email protected]]
4. Minutes of November 10, 2021, Board Meeting
5. Chair's, Board Members', and Executive Officer's Reports
6. Uncontested Items

A. Crockett Cogeneration LLP, Crockett Cogeneration Plant, Crockett, Contra Costa County  Reissuance of NPDES Permit [William Burrell, 510-622--2317,
[email protected]]

B. Mt. View Sanitary District, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Collection System, Martinez, Contra Costa County  Reissuance of NPDES Permit [John Madigan, 510-622-2405, [email protected]]

C. Rescission of Certain Individual Orders Upon the Regulated Facilities' Enrollment Under the State Water Resources Control Board Order WQ 2014- 0153-DWQ General Waste Discharge Requirements for Small Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems  Hearing to consider adoption of proposed Rescission Order [Margaret Monahan, 510-622-2377, [email protected]]
NPDES Permits
7. Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company, Tesoro Martinez Facility, Martinez, Contra Costa County  Reissuance of NPDES Permit [Gaurav Mittal, 510-622-2407, [email protected]]

8.Amendment of Monitoring and Reporting Provisions for Municipal Wastewater Dischargers  Amendment of NPDES Permits [Robert Schlipf, 510-622-2478,
[email protected]]
Informational Item
9. California Department of Transportation, Update on the Department's Clean California Program and Compliance with Cease and Desist Order No. R2-2019-0007 Implementing Trash Requirements of the Statewide Stormwater Permit, Order No. 2012-0011-DWQ, as amended, NPDES Permit No. CAS000003  Presentation by Water Board staff and Ken Johansson and Hardeep Takhar, California Department of Transportation [Derek Beauduy, 510-622-2348, [email protected]]
10. Amendment of Cease and Desist Order for California Department of Transportation  Hearing to Amend Cease and Desist Order No. R2-2019-0007 Provisions Requiring Visual Trash Assessments and Appendix [Derek Beauduy, 510-622-2348, [email protected]]
Informational Item
11. Enforcement Actions and Priorities for Fiscal Year 2021/22  Summary Report [Brian Thompson, 510-622-2422, [email protected]]
12. Progress Report  Status update from 2020 Strategic Priorities [Michael Montgomery,
510-622-2399, [email protected]]
14.Closed Session  Personnel

The Board may meet in closed session to discuss personnel matters.
[Authority: Government Code section 11126(a)]
15.Closed Session  Litigation
 The Board may meet in closed session to discuss litigation. The Board also may meet to discuss whether or not to initiate litigation.
[Authority: Government Code sections 11126(e)(1) and 11126(e)(2)(A)-(C)]

Items the Board may discuss include the following:

  • Sweeney et al. v. Cal. Regional Water Quality Control Bd. et al. (Court of Appeal, First Appellate District, Division Three, Case Nos. A153583 (ACL) and A153585 (CAO)

  • City and County of San Francisco v. State Water Resources Control Board and San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Alameda County Superior Court; Case No. RG19042575)

  • In re: UCI International, LLC, Champion Laboratories, Inc., et al. (U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware; Case No. 16-11354)
  • 16.Closed Session  Deliberation
     The Board may meet in closed session to consider evidence received in an adjudicatory hearing and deliberate on a decision to be reached based on that evidence.
    [Authority: Government Code section 11126(c)(3)]
    17.Adjournment to the Next Board Meeting  Wednesday, January 12, 2022